Taylor Armstrong Black Eye Photos: A Hoax?!?

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Taylor Armstrong reportedly pocketed $125,000 for selling photos of herself in the hospital, as the result of an alleged beating at the fists of Russell Armstrong, to Entertainment Tonight.

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    "However, friends of this Real Housewife scoff at the notion that Taylor conjured up the story. They say she avoided any legal repercussions because she was afraid they'd result in her getting fired by Bravo."

    Do you really think we are that stupid?? That she would get fired from the job because she filed a police report on domestic violence??... and how did she get this blackeye when Russell was dead already... How come no one said anything or noticed this serious injury at his funeral?... Because it is a black eye from surgery.. I have had black eyes from a beating, and both my upper and lower eye was bruised...


    The black eye is obliously from plastic surgery look at the x's on her forehead. What she is doing to Russell's family is disgusting I hope they take legal action against her and the Bravo network.


    She is a disgusting, lying, fame whore bitch!! Wow she's never looked so happy as she is now as she's writing a memoir, calling herself and advocate and victim of domestic abuse and making as much money as she can from all of her lies, not only is she happy with all the attention but now Russell has taken his version of what happened to the grave she is taking every opportunity she can to trash the memory and reputation of the father of her child, yes his body is barely buried and she's looking to profit and stick another knife in his back, not content that her greed and lies caused him to take his own life. She needs to get fired from Bravo and replaced with anyone else, she makes me want to vomit.


    she is fake lying ass whore thx!


    Taylor is full of crap! She probably had her boyfriend Jeremy Larner hit her looking for big payday since she had a prenup. She was looking for cash before body was cold & convient that she just happened to be there too since it wasn't their home. Private investigator Hueble found it was actually murder people who hang themselves don't have one foot on the ground or beat themselves up prior to hanging. Russell was covered in bruises that only showed when autopsyed. Coincidently his business partner is found dead the very next day hmm & guess who gets more money "Taylor" what a shock. Any woman who has ever been beaten knows that there is NO WAY IN HELL they'd have spoken to hubby the way Taylor did or stay after he left parties because he'd make you pay! Taylor is a greedy lying fame whore!! The truth WILL come out Taylor!! be smart & shut the hell up before you get in any deeper


    woww he did her wroung lolz but funny cuz her face is smacked.....


    You know she abuse the celerty style just to get are were attation look her face she jast a fake joke.


    Sometimes ppl they abuse celebrty to get are were tation look her face she face it.


    liar liar set a fire


    as if she need more surery,she is all fake any way

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