Taylor Armstrong: Reality TV Saved My Life!

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Taylor Armstrong wants to make it as clear as possible: her late husband beat her often and may have murdered her.

Since the August suicide of Russell Armstrong, this horrific Real Housewife has gone out of her way to paint a negative picture of her daughter's father, giving multiple interviews that detailed Russell's abuse.

A Terrible Person

Taylor Armstrong: Open mouth. Insert foot. Repeat.

The latest despicable example? A chat with KTLA-TV in which Taylor hypothesizes that Russell may have killed if her not for the higher power above. No, not God. Bravo television.

"I was in an abusive relationship for six years," Taylor said. "If the cameras were not in my life, I might not be sitting here today. A lot of domestic violence situations end in murder-suicide, versus just suicide. I have my daughter with me today, and by the grace of God and, perhaps, reality TV, I'm sitting here and so is she."

Why does Taylor continue to speak out about her personal problems, throwing Russell farther and farther underneath the bus with each interview?

"We're all put on this earth with a plan, a mission, and we're handed a very specific mission through a tragedy," she says. "And If I don't do something with it I'm not doing right by other women, and men, who might be in a dangerous situation."

To anyone who watched the most recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it's clear: Taylor really is all about helping others.

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I am truly appalled and annoyed by the ignorant statements by people judging someone that went through something horrific for the way she is dealing with it. Unless you have been there and gotten out of it yourself then you have no valid opinion in this matter. If you haven't been there then the only valid thing you can do is be quiet or be supportive. There is a wrong way to do everything but not always a right way. In this situation the only right thing is to get out of it and deal with the healing the best way you can. NTM since this is pubic knowledge she has almost no way of hiding it and should not be crucified because she doesn't deal with it the way everyone would like. There's no way to please everyone and this is not a situation that is meant to please. No one wins here. I'm sure we all have something in our lives that we have done or handled in a way that we would be condemned if it were made public.


While I am in NO WAY condoning violence against women, I have to say that Taylor saying reality tv saved her life is a very ill thought out, immature and selfish thing to say. IMO, Russell committed suicide IN PART due to the fact that his life was about to be exposed to everyone. Is she happy that her daughter is going to grow up without a father? Or is she happy that she now is free to screw around with any guy she wants and live the life she has always sought out without being tied to a (once) rich man that has given her everything she and her daughter have ever wanted?


First of all you guys that are saying poor Taylor must not be aware that she threatened Kim to 'beat her ass Oklahoma style' whatever that is. But shes the one getting beat AND said she was poor once and would NEVER be again and thats the reason she got over her marriage with Russell. His business ventures were failing and she had ran up all his credit cards. They were about to be bankrupt and she didnt like it. Im sorry for those who are truely abused but shes making claims against someone who is not able to rebut her claims sounds like attention she wants and i dont believe her dramatics. She spent 60 thousand dollars on a lame birthday party for a baby!! Didnt look like she was all that afraid of Russ back then. Maybe somethin toxic leaking out of those ducklip implants she has! Im sorry but her stories dont add up and if it doesnt make sense then its probably not true.


I heard taylor talk with dr.phil, she said she just wanted peace, i fell to my knees, i have said that more times then i can count about my abusive ex husband, i too, hid it too good, so good that people didnt believe, it, good bless taylor and her little girl,


Krys you obviously know nothing about abusing relationships, or else you wouldn't be making those silly accusations. Taylor saw a chance to have a way to protect herself and took it. Since she was going to be on tv at any given moment it saved her from being beat. At least, in places that would show. Taylor found her voice, and I'm proud of her for using it.


Domestic violence is a horrible crime against humankind. It is unfortunate that it instigates such sympathy and passion that nearly anyone can accuse a man of the crime and a lynch mob rallies without evidence. I think it is important to consider the fact that Russell is not alive to present his side of the story. And it is likely that this bandwagon mentality, along with other factors, contributed to his untimely death. Taylor's mental health issues do not need to be resolved in the media, nor is it necessary to read a tell all book skewed against Russell. If Taylor really wants to help others, then, tell-all her motivation to marry a wealthy man with an alleged violent past against his exes. That's what women need to know about her. That's what women can use to empower themselves.


Well it is truly aire apparent that money cant buy class, and Taylor is proof positive! what the heck is wrong with you? dragging your dead husband's name through the mud when he can't defend himself, if what your saying is true then keep it private, or are you that desperate to stay in the limelight that you actually grant interviews just to bash him? Or could it be that you just didn't want to give up the lush lifestyle you were living using other people's money ! Has it occurred to you that your daughter will someday read what you have said about her daddy ! No matter what you think of him now he is and will always be her dad ! Have some respect for her instead of thinking of yourself !


Maybe discussing their issues while he is not here to defend himself it is not the most admirable thing to do however it takes courage to stand up like she has. If you read any of reports about their divorce Russell admitted that he pushed her when in the heat of the moment. Taylor coming forward and finding her voice will hopefully give other people in her situation the strength to walk away. Too often abuse is allowed out of fear and look at all of you attacking her for coming forward. Why do you think people stay quiet in the first place? They are afraid of being crucified and attacked and even called liars! Shame on you all for taking something that can be helpful and making it seem like it is no big deal.


When the end comes for this show,those who care will always be able to keep up with super duper lips Taylor on some show hawking about how bad her life was with her husband!!


It seems that everyone is either looking for someone to defend or bash. I think what's important, here, in either instance is for Taylor and other victims to take responsibility for their part in domestic violence. Take responsibility for ignoring past abuses committed against ex-wives and girlfriends. Take responsibility for thinking that sex, beauty, and passivity was the cure-all for his woes. Take responsibility for trading self-esteem for luxury. Take responsibility for your part in a relationship that could not have existed without your consent and participation. This is not about taking sides; it's about taking personal responsibility for one's part.

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