Selena Gomez Sends Holiday Wishes, Appreciation to Fans

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Selena Gomez has spoken out for the first time since a family tragedy.

A week after her mother's miscarriage went public, Gomez posted the following message on her Facebook page last night:

“Belated Merry Christmas everybody.. I can’t thank you enough for all of your thoughts and prayers. We appreciate every one of you.. I love you all so much and we hope you and your family had a beautiful Christmas! Love, Me, Momma, Brian and our guardian angel Scarlett."

Selena Gomez, Mother

Our thoughts go out to Selena and her family. It's little comfort in this time of sorrow, but Gomez did crack our top 10 celebrities of 2011 list. She sits at number eight.



The chocolate cake looks way good.Have a good day.Ow missed ya at the park played frizBie with Matt.You all take care Selena~Enjoy and God Bless you all today.Good day to Meet up hey bring me a piece and nO Not candy LOL cake K?K! Ow Like I need it LOL Bye~


The can~ Candy? Is yummy.I just knew you would like it Selena(:


Hey Selena Awesome thoughts on kids NOT Seeing Negative movies that promote drugs and alcohol to our kids. Its ONLY good for kids to watch these types of Movies ONLY if there is a strong message of Hope,and of always what to do and what not to do.Like if there is a movie out with strong drug and alcohol use then you would want to play strong inspiring songs~ Like the songs on my album 'Michael Jo' You can never go wrong in a negative movie when the out come is inspiring and always with a message thats positive.Your Ideas are awesome.I Love you.M.J.


Hi Selena You look beautiful @ Lunch.Love the pic~ gto ~Got all that.Tell our friends Hi and thanks Selena~ I love you Forever Lol That comment will never Stop forever Lol forever comment been awhile,we put that one out first (: Have a good night sleep and I do pray for US. I Love you all~
Michael Jo~


Hey guys this is Selena Gomez.I was really humiliated when Justin Kissed me on Kiss Cam @Lakers game!! Justin and I are as friends! I am totally in Love with Michael Jo!! Him and I are way in Love!!Michael and I will be out soon together!! Michael Jo and I are in Love.We will be out publicly!!Michael is looking way Hot(:
Selena Gomez~


Hi Michael Jo! I Love and Miss you! I want to see US together soon!
Your an amazing person in my life~ You mean so much to me~
Your Selena Gomez


You sleep well Selena Jo. I Love you,and will say my prayers with you in them.I am Proud of you,and you make me Happy.Tell Taylor,Justin,Miley,Demi,Jonas Bro's,Jo Jo and Ashley T~Hi for me,and tell Hillary Duff ConGrad on her new Baby.(Your Looking Hot Selena)
With Love always
Michael Jo


Hi Selena Jo Gomez.I am wishing you a stress free day tomorrow,with know anxiety.Know a prayer where ever you are helps.A Hug from ones you trust,and laughter.This will all cut through all negative feelings.Your Flick "spring Breakers" Looking Good Selena.You and Fellow stars & Cast & staff & help have a fun time making this movie. The piggy back scene with you and Vanessa. I see all you do and appreciate you very much(Every detail(:)!Tell Vanessa,Heather,Ashley Hi for me.Know I Love You and wishing you Peace,Love & Togetherness.~ YEAH "Spring Breakers" Movie will Be a Hit! PS-Can't wait to sing you another song(:SELENAJo~N~MichaelJo.


Hey Guys this is Selena Gomez.Justin & I are ONLY friends.Him & I are NOT engaged to be married! Just because I attended Justin's b-day party,and he kisses my cheek,Does NOT mean we are together as boyfriend and girlfriend.My eye's are for Michael Jo.Him and I are together!We have even been talking about getting married!
I love Michael Jo~
Selena Gomez~


Have a great Time In Florida(: Tell your Cast I said Hi,and Have Fun,Know I love you Selena
Rest well and Know your in my prayers,I am blessed to have you in my Life,Tell Justin hey.
Michael Jo~ What do you get when you cross Justin & Selena name~ 'Justlena' Cool ~ i'm a dork I know Bye (:

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