Celebrity of the Year Finalist #8: Selena Gomez

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We're closing in on 2012.

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    Selena does not seek fame in Justin, she was already very famous with his series and his cd's, Justin was known that was done without it would only be a singer and now. With hiso Sel is very famous and recognized as a great artist, Beliebers are jealous of Sel, should be happy for their idol, not humiliating, degrading and threatening, like who would have to be called bitch or slut, or stealing fame ? anyone really!
    Selena Marie Gomez is my favorite singer and actress, if Beliebers "defend" his idol the fanatical de Sel will defend it (:
    Justin and Sel make a beautiful couple, and no matter who likes it (;
    Justin is perfect for her and look the best together (':


    One more thing Selena Gomez has done everything all herself justin didnt make anything for her maybe some bieber fans but thats it. Selena Gomez was huge before he even was known and she has always been. She doesnt care about fame she cares about what shes doing for others and she tries to make life better dont get in her way cuz all youll be is a pot hole in the road she can go around keep shining selena!!! And ive heard selena sing live i think its wonderful and i love all her songs there great and if anyone says else words well theyre just jelous or it isnt their type of music its what they listen to that they like and if you find the heart in yourself youll see she is awsome so leave her alone shes had enough to go through already dont you think it is getting pathetic what your doing gosh she just wants to do good in the world and doesnt need no shadow lerking around her telling her all the bad things so scram beat it!


    One more thing to add to that is yeah I dont like justin infact i only listen to four of his songs. But that doesnt mean im going to kill him. My older brother loves selena but hates jb and he doesnt ever think of wanting to kill him he says life runs its course and things happen just deal with it cuz only bad things will happen if u think negative you two are the best couple yet keep livin ur life and dreams. Reach for your goals in life never doubt yourself. I love you selena gomez hope you have a wonderful life. Love Awlway Aspen!


    I am Selenas biggest fans ive watched her everywhere just because she has ur guy doesnt mean you can send her death threats. She a wonderful person inside and out and she does not need to be braought down my a bunch of bieber stockers! She is doing great in her life and she is awsome at what she does. She has been my romodel since i was first born and since her first shows. She is someoone to be grateful twords and she is someone you should thank cuz she another one of those stars who cares and wants everyone to get along and stop fighting LEAVE HER ALON!!!


    Me and my friend think Selena Gomez rocks but Justin bieber is a big fat jerk


    to all the ppl out there saying OR even thinking --Selena wasnt famous,she became famous because of Justin-- you are WRONG ppl Selena was already a star before getting with Justin......OK? so BACK OFF!!!!!!!


    hey im with sarah..i love selena gomez but i dont lik justin and but i dont hate him!!!i thinkk justin and selena r great together and i am like theeee HUGEST FAN OF SELENA GOMEZ!!!she is my idle and i think she is the prettiest girl alive....like im not just saying that i mean that.i dont even think one of my family members r prettier than her or anything.she goes first im obsessed..i would love to meet her and i seen her once not met her but seen her at orland mall in chicago..i waz on top so i really could not see her tht good but i got a great view of her head lol...and if selena gomez does read this i love u selena u rock!!!


    I love Selena. I don't really like Justin, but I don't hate on him. I actually think that him and Selena are a cute couple. Don't hate. :)


    Selena Gomez is amazing. She's such a good role model. She has grown up so gracefully in front of so many people. I'm proud of her for all the work she's done.


    Selena amo de + , mas o justin não odeio nem amo elle

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