NFL Star Rolando McClain: Happiest Arrest Pic Ever!

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NFL star Rolando McClain was charged with four crimes Thursday following a dustup in his hometown, but it's a photo of him being taken into custody that is truly noteworthy.

Visiting his hometown of Decatur, Ala., the Oakland Raiders linebacker got popped after police say he held a gun to another man's head then fired it beside his ear.

Looks like somebody had a good laugh about it at least ...

Happy Arrest!

Police said the victim suffered injuries to his head and face during a fight with another man (who was also arrested) and that he begged McClain not to shoot him.

The former Alabama star obliged and fired it inches from his head instead.

McClain was charged with third-degree assault, menacing, reckless endangerment, and discharging a firearm within city limits ... while in town for his grandpa's funeral.

All things that make a man smile ear-to-ear apparently.


That rude baster


His smile shows his respect for the law, his career, and his future. In other words I have all this money I needed an overnight nap anyways, and I dont have to drive. OK lets go.


Watched this boy play for the nationall championship in 09 - he was a real leader. Guess the fame and fortune got to him. So disappointed.


So sick of these over paid athletes acting like kids. Wouldent pay dollar to see them. I will stick with pop warner. At least they play for the game and not the money.

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