Teen Mom 2 Cast: Returning For New Season!

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The full cast of MTV's Teen Mom 2 - Jenelle Evans, Leah Messer, Chelsea Houska and Kailyn Lowry - will be running it back for a second season starting December 6!

The second quartet to be featured MTV's 16 and Pregnant spinoff will mark the fourth Teen Mom season overall. The original cast starred on Seasons 1 and 3.

So what are the non-fab four up to these days? Let's catch up:

Teen Mom 2 Cast

Chelsea Houska still hasn't graduated from high school, and her BFF and roommate, Megan Nelson, gave birth to her own baby, son Hunter, at age 19. Yay?

Kailyn Lowry has been going to school full-time (college, even ... take notes, Chelsea) while juggling two jobs and, of course, motherhood. Props, Kailyn. Major props.

Leah Messer divorced husband Corey Simms, the father of her twin girls, after just six months of marriage and their spectacular camouflage-themed wedding.

Jenelle Evans ... yeesh. This requires a separate article.

She broke up with Kieffer Delp, which was good, but the troubled teen mom has endured an array of legal problems (drugs, probation violations, beating some chick to a pulp) and her mother, Barbara, still has custody of son Jayce.

Basically, she's the Lindsay Lohan of Teen Mom.


I love the show !! Leah is my fav. She had a real good man. He was real good to her and the girls I mean yeah they had there problems but who doesn't . But that still didn't give her a right to cheat on Corey . Leah seems like a good girl she was just to young to marry anyone at the time . Leah and Corey still my fav thou. Jenelle is my least fav. She is no mother. All she cares about is boys and getting high. Chelsea needs to just let Adam go he is no good for her. Kailyn and joe need to get back together they still want to be with each other u can tell how they look at each other .


I was a teen mom at the age of 16 and even though I was proud to say I was pregnant, I took account of my actions. People use to tell me that I wasn't going to amount to anything and I finished high school ranking 3rd in my graduating class and although I had another baby 4.5yrs later I finished college. I have my Bachelors degree at the age of 21 and now working.I've done everything on my own as a single parent with the help of my family. These girls don't understand the hardship and to me seem to glorify being a young parent. Ps Janelle is the worst of them all!!


all of the teen moms you guyz are doin good i hope that your guyz drama goses away. Beceause you guyz need to think of your babies before you think about your boyfriends.


I am a recovering opiate addict after watching this show from the beginning I think Jenelle is addicted to pain pills. Dr Drew needs to have her on his rehab show. She shows all the signs. If anyone paid attention to the season premiere when they taped at Jenelles friends house the guy couldnt hold his eyes open he obviously had the nods and Jenelle as well looked blown away. Thewy were itching and digging had all the signs and with her behavior I think She needs help before things get worse!


I like jenelle Leah chelsea and kailyn better
Then the original teen moms even though I still
Watched them this year but i still like the
Others better. So it didn't change my opinion
about who I like and dont like for this show


so excited, jennle shouldnt be on her, shes not a mother, shes just a freak. doesnt even care bout her son, chelsea is my favorite!


Not looking forward to watch them I don't care for any of them. Put the original teen mom girls back in

Gail wakefield

So sorry Leah and Cory divorced...sorry for the twins.

Melissa dealmeida

I think Kailyn Lowry is doing a awesome job as a teen mom,most grown women couldn't do what she's doing. XOXO


Why, isn't season one group enough of a lesson for young girls.

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