Maci Bookout: Jealous of Ryan Edwards' New Girlfriend Dalis Connell?

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After splitting from Ryan Edwards, who got her pregnant and in doing so, launched her reality TV career on Teen Mom, Maci Bookout has moved on from her ex.

Her current, live-in beau, Kyle King, is a much better influence on Maci, and frankly, on Bentley, her three-year-old son with Ryan. Life's good for the redhead.

So why is she jealous of Ryan's new girlfriend, Dalis Connell?

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"I want him to be happy because he excels when he’s happy," Maci Bookout said of Edwards ... but that was before he started dating, and talking marriage with Connell.

Not surprisingly, she's singing a different tune now.

“Maci has been pretty jealous,” a close source says of Ryan's baby mama. “Dalis feels like it could be because she and Ryan may actually get married before Maci does or maybe because Maci is not getting Ryan’s attention anymore.”

But Ryan and Dalis are trying to rise above Maci’s envy. “Their relationship is definitely true love. They have both been completely supportive of each other. But Maci clearly still has feelings for Ryan. And Kyle can’t be too happy about it.”

We'll see how this plays out. In the meantime, for more drama coming your way next month, check out the just-released Teen Mom 2 Season 2 trailer!



I agree, Ryan is a DOUCHE. Maci's awesome and Kyle is a great step father to Bentley.


maci shouldnt have put up with ryan for that long, even though she was only doing it for bently. i love maci i think shes a good person and mum. ryan is a complete immature dic******* and i feel sorry for poor bentley wish he cudve had a betta dad.


As I have a son I'd say Maci isn't jealous of them togetther its that she could be bentleys step mom and no matter what yyour always. Gonna ccare about an ex especially if you have a child with them you can never truly move on but doesn't mmean they can't both be happy


hiiiiiiiiii...... will you friendship


I'm sorry to say this but Ryan is a douche. A total DOUCHE. Seems like Kyle appreciates her and also Kyle IS so much better for Bentley. I actually find Maci to the most grounded than all the other teen moms & that's refreshing.


maci's a blonde again actually, and highly doubt she's jealous of dalis. she wants ryan to be happy just like how her and kyle are. leave her be!

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