Justin Bieber Underwear Alert! Justin Bieber Underwear Alert!

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Justin Bieber, we see London. We see France. We totally see your underpants!

The singer was out for a stroll yesterday in Paris and was so protective of girlfriend Selena Gomez by his side - as they battled through fans and photographers - that he didn't try to stop his pants from falling. The result? An answer to one of life's greatest questions: Boxers or briefs for Bieber?

Justin Bieber Underwear!
Bieber in Paris

Bieber appears to be in a good mood, and why shouldn't he be? The artist is number-one... again!

Justin's Christmas album tops the charts and the credibility of Mariah Yeater, the 20-year old accusing him of fathering her son, is diminishing day by day. Looks like it's gonna be a good holiday season for the Biebs - and his fans!

Stare at this picture for as long as you'd like, ladies.

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]


Goshh some of u needs to get over it, if the guy wants his pants to be seen he'll do it nd so whtt I have friends tht has their undies shown, boy will always be boys!xx
At the end of the day he won't listen to all the crap comments he'll only listen to the gud ones.. XxxXxxX GIVE the guy some FREEDOM!!! Xxx GO JB xxx


..no matter what happen to you justine i will always be your fans...love u justine.


Why are trying to make a fool out of yourself?


I think Justin and his underwear are super cute. His real fans will always love him


I think Justin and his underwear are super cute.
His real fans will always love him


I think I speak for all the beliebers when I say Justin your hot and I love u but put ur butt away and pull up ur freakin pants!!!


Jazzy: what the beep,
Low riding is soooooooo out of fashion, ........ WAIT!!!!!!! It never even was if he won't pull them up someone give him a wedgie his pants are o low it wouldn't even hurt him it. Is not cool to be a role model and show your bum unless your showing your fans what underwear to wear omg chealsy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sar-Bar: ;( I have nothing to say. So disappointed.


You dont need to put down justin for that hes my friend and im here for him 100%


Yea you really need to consider pulling ur pants up Justin not sexy @ all..


what the hell. Why is this news? I mean I don't like his music or him to begin with. Now he has his pants down past his ass. Get a belt dumbass, its not attractive to see your butt. Might asweel just take them off if your going to let them go down that low! :P But who wants to see that. Not me. Now Nick Simmons, that's a different story...Yumm. I mean by no pants. Not by having his pants half on.

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