Report: Michael Jackson Fingerprints NOT on Propofol

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Entering its second week today, Dr. Conrad Murray's involuntary manslaughter trial is not exactly off to a strong start from the physician's perspective.

Various witnesses detailed his panicked and inconsistent behavior, such as concealing evidence. Paramedics even said he didn't call 911 fast enough.

Now, the linchpin of his defense - that Michael Jackson killed himself - may be hurt by a report that MJ's prints were not found on any Propofol bottles.

Rest in Peace MJ

Dr. Murray's lawyers contend that when the Murray left the room briefly, Jackson grabbed a bottle of the drug, ingested it and subsequently died.

Attorney Ed Chernoff told the jury during opening statements that MJ self-administered an extra dose of Propofol and Lorazepam on June 25, 2009.

This "created perfect storm in his body, that killed him instantly," Chernoff said.

"No CPR, nor doctor, no paramedic, no machine was going to revive Michael Jackson. He died so rapidly, he didn’t even have time to close his eyes."

The defense might have a hard time convincing a jury of this given what the EMTs have said, but a lack of prints would definitely hurt Murray's case.

Says a source close to the trial:

"Plain and simply, the Los Angeles Police Department didn't find any fingerprints of Michael Jackson's on ANY Propofol bottles or the Lorazepam bottles."

"There were no partial fingerprints of Michael's or any unknown prints."

In all, what was a blistering week for Dr. Murray's defense team could become even worse this week if the prosecution's hot streak continues.

Murray's version of events may become clearer when the defense presents its case, but right now, it seems somewhat dubious to say the least.

The jury will also have a hard time forgetting recordings such as this one, which the state played to illustrate MJ's physical condition ...

Dr. Conrad Murray:


This shows real expertise. Thanks for the awsenr.


I wonder if there is going to be a civil against doctor Murray and AEG the concert promoter that was to pay doctor Murray $150,000 to provide his services to Michael Jackson.Can they be sued for being negligent in helping provide the deadly service?


of course michael's finger prints where not on the propofol bottles because dr. murray did it!!


Look at that sorry excuse for a doctor!!! Squirming in his seat! He knew his condition and after that recording, this was his one shot to get some $$$ out of it!!! He ordered ALL that medicine!!! He deliberately killed MJ!!! And to say... the audacity!!! He was faking it and then gave him an extra dose of this and that... He said he left the room!! EXPLAIN THAT! HOW ARE YOU GOING TO KNOW ALL THAT IF YOU AIN'T IN THE BLASTED ROOM!?!? HOW ARE YOU GOING TO KNOW HE TOOK THE EXTRA DOSES?????


Geesh all of y'all keep saying oh well it was his fault, he wax an addict...well exactly if he was an addict, they (addicts) can't help themselves alone!!! That's why he had a dammn doctor. Who btw clearly said MJ was fine both physically and mentally.. I honestly believe Murray didn't give a rats ass about MJ all he had on his mind were his mistresses and his huge salary. Poor MJ for trusting this sorry excuse for a doctor. He is guilty even if his intentions weren't to kill him, his negligence lead to his death.


If MJ died instantly then I think he died much earlier, possibly straight after the doctor gave the drug which could be as early as The doctor had to do some quick thinking and possibly the phone calls were a smoke screen to give a defence of Michael self dosing himself while the doctor was out of the room. Or maybe the doctor did find Michael around 11.57am but I think he had already been dead for some time. It would certainly explain why the body was quite cool to the touch and made no response at all to all the life saving efforts of the medical team. If Michael had died just a few minutes before his body would have still been warm and there might have been a chance to save him. I think the manslaughter charge is absolutely right. Michaels death was directly caused by Murrays actions but, sadly , as it has been proved that the doctor is a liar , we will never know exactly what happened.


If mj was such an addict b4 murry took him on as a patient then that would be murrys own fault for his bad judgment! What did he think his job would consist of IF mj was an addict? He needs to take responsability for what he did......he just another yes man out there and he should rot in jail for killin mj. Thats just MY opinion.


@ThaTruth5 ... There is only ONE big hole in your argument, and believe me, I understand where u r coming from ... BUT the one big difference between these "regular" folk like MJ, heath etc ... They did not swear to uphold a set of moral obligations that come along with having access to such a plethera of medication. So unless he had no idea MJ was an addict, which is nearly impossible, than he is very responsible. Period.


If MJ died "instantly", that means that "Dr." Murray KNEW he was dead long before he started his little charade calling security and MJ's assistant. The fact that Murray lied about what he gave him, and insisted that there was a pulse NOBODY else could detect, shows deception on Murray's part and consciousness of guilt. Murray is a murderer.


ok, again...MJ was a GROWN MAN!! I think Murray shud have a lesser charge b/c MJ was an addict b4 Dr came along(i mean let's b real). He knew what he was doing & so did the Dr. Dont get me wrong, he definitely need 2 b chargd w/ sumthn, but not manslaughter!! MJ shudv thought about that years ago, wen he 1st startd popping & using: case & point, Britney Murphy, HeathLedger, the list goes on & on. Mayb ppl shud take responsibilities 4 their OWN actions, instead of playing 'the blame game'. But i guess they gotta blame sum1...& THIS IS MY OPINION!!!!!

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