Paramedics to Dr. Conrad Murray: Way to Not Call 911 Immediately!

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A paramedic who rushed to save Michael Jackson's life on June 25, 2009, said that if Dr. Conrad Murray called 911 sooner, EMTs might have had a chance.

Richard Senneff said that on that day, Murray told him he called 911 the second he realized MJ was in distress - a claim others have disputed at length.

Yesterday, bodyguard Alberto Alvarez testified that the Michael Jackson 911 call - which he placed - came well after Murray discovered Jackson unresponsive.

According to the police, the delay was at least 20 minutes.

Dr. Conrad Murray on Trial

The case against Jackson's doctor is looking pretty strong at the moment.

Senneff said that if Dr. Murray called earlier, there was a good chance EMT's could have restarted Michael Jackson's heart. But alas, we'll never know now.

Charged with involuntary manslaughter, Murray's defense theory is going to have to be pretty compelling to overcome the state's evidence at this point.

Other key points of the paramedic's testimony Friday:

  • The 911 call came in at 12:22 p.m. Seneff arrived four minutes later.
  • When he walked into the room, he saw Murray, Jackson and Alvarez.
  • Michael Jackson was wearing pajamas and seemed underweight.
  • MJ was being moved to the floor by a "frantic" Dr. Conrad Murray.
  • Seneff noticed an IV stand with an IV bag hanging on it. He asked Murray what MJ's underlying condition was three times before Murray answered.
  • Murray responded that there was no underlying health condition. Given the IV stand in the room and other equipment, this made no sense.

Dr. Conrad Murray ...


I believe that Conrad was doing wrong on all accounts for using this drug in an inappropriate location,but I also believe it was not purposeful or intentional to cause the death of Jackson.Yes he should be held accountable but not for murder.Also,a question if I may,Why does the news always have to make more of the facts & always add their own opinion,it's so annoying to hear the exaggerations of events.I've been watching the trial & Vinny P. needs to chill,I think he's jealous that Conrad had young hot girlfriends.Really who cares.


I think it was an accidental death. The doctor fell asleep or left the room for too long a time. I think the proper dose was given but the time for him to be under exceeded the required time. This caused all the trouble. He is more guilty of negligent than anything. This medication must only be used in a ER room where there are multiple staff members who can keep an eye on things. He (MJ) could not get it at an ER because he was not the type of patient that would required it. I don't think this is the first time M.J used this procedure home either. But it the first time it got out of hand. My final words, The doctor fell asleep.

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If so many people around Michael knew he was a drug adddict then why wasn't he placed in rehab and why wasnt the concert tour stopped?


micheal there'little'tit like tubings we nurses call(piggy backs) there'two or 3 on each tubing going into main i.v. all you have to to is stick the needle into 1 of those piggy backs and it goes right into the vein along with the rest of the meds already being administered. i doubt if he could start the main i.v, but if there is 1 already going it's easily done . as an rn for 30 yrs. i have done it many times to keep from sticking or starting another i.v. on a pt. i'm not saying he did it . i'm just saying it could be done .


If Michael Jackson Knew how to eject himself with some propofol he wouldn't be asking AEG the concert promoter to pay Conrad Murray $150,000 a month for his services .


in an entirely different situation of course, only time made the difference.the 31 days lil' cayee was missing and not reported. and as the paramedics testified yesterday michael could possiably have been saved IF the so-called-- dr. hadn't waited 20 mins. to call 911. but too busy hiding the meds. in an already sedated state mj having the drug by his bedside could have thought the proper dose was not working, and drawn up more, so he could be phononamal, as he was heard slurring this statement in a recording . he was brillant,and being around and on drugs since the fire accident. believe me he knew how to draw up and inject himself . no problem. he ---i'm just saying the dr. could've given the proper dose left the room to call his girl friend , the vial plus several more were within hhis his state of mind he might thought it wasn't quite enough and drawn up more to make it lethal . para medics said he was in such a dehydrated , state just skin and bones .


I feel Mr.Murray is not the only entity responsible in Michael Jackson's death.Was Mr.Jackson pressured and threatened with a lawsuit by AEG the concert promoter if he didn't hire a new doctor being Doctor Murray to give him the rest he needed to do the tour? I wonder who was to pay Mr.Murray for these services? Is the concert promoter going to be investigated and put on trialI? I wonder if these questions are going to be asked Yes ,Michael Jackson did this to himself but who took him there and under what conditions?I hope Doctor Murray doesnt end up being an escape goat in the middle of a big pony horse show and I hope more characters are drawn into this dance.


I think he was tryin to cover up some thinks like there's no excuse he can use to explain why he called the police 20 minutes after he saw that something was wrong with michael. I think he is guilty.


Wow how could you wait 20 minutes to call the police. That's just crazy.I'm just speechless.*

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