Dr. Conrad Murray Trial Begins; Defense Tells Jury Michael Jackson Killed Himself

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In his opening statement in the the involuntary manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, attorney Ed Chernoff told the jury Michael Jackson killed himself.

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    conradd murray shouldnt not be convicted of man sluaughter


    No matter what happened that day michael died, we all will never truly know. There are only three people that truly know what happened that day, and thats God, Michael Jackson himself, and Dr. Conrad Murray!


    It's a good thing that some of the people defending Doctor Murray don't have $150,000 to pay him to play with their lives.


    To my believe, Micheal was fed up with this planet. The innocent poor black Doctor is unfortunate for him. Micheal had no familly around him, he was lonely. now he is gone the jackson famillies are trying to transfer their guilt to someone saying that someone kill Micheal? No,i believe he took his own life and may be he watched Dr M. for years to know how Dr M was using the medications for him, then, Dr M . was careless and jackson got hold of the drugs and took his own life. i believe Dr M was in shock to see MJ lying on the bed and slowing passing away. Why did MJ name the Song THIS IS IT! he knows he will not do the show and find every means to take is own life. please, i believe Dr M is innocent. The Jackson family should try to hide thier shame and leave an innocent Dr alone.
    thanks Sweety


    Perhaps MJ DID inject himself....who knows? If he did, Murray is just as negligent as if he (accidently) ODed him. As well he should never have left MJ unattended and he should never have administered Propofol in a non hospital setting, without proper rescuss eqiuppment and extra staff. Truth is....which ever way you look at it - he's (medically) negligent.


    hes guilty no questions asked... love you Micheal RIP


    There was tremendous amount of stress involved to ensure that Michael achieved the fame,fortune that would have been realized.Dr Murray happened to have been the perfect friend /doctor that would go the distance to ensure Michael is happy and protected.


    jackson was a good man R.i.p


    I never post on blogs but I had to say that was a very nice post Sonja. I couldn't have said it better.


    The death of Mr. Michael Jackson was a tragedy. Here was a young man gifted witn so many Godly talents. And like Adam and Eve , Cain and Abel and all of us, wordly ills affected and transormed his life. That is why I believe when Mr. Jackson met Dr. Murray he was on a collission course. Dr. Murray clearly unaware of all of Michael's ills and , perhaps, in awe of where he found himself and whom he was serving, deviated from many facets of the medical field. Whether such makes him criminally liable,is in the hands of the jury. I will pray for them, Michael, and Dr. Murray,asking God not to do my will, but his. For he knows the truth, and loves both of his children unconditionally, like I do.

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