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About a year before she started dating Chaz Bono, Jennifer Ella had an incident that she would just as soon forget. She was arrested and booked on a charge of “battery of an ex-spouse/fiancee/person with a dating relationship.”

Pretty hard core.

Often referred to as “simple domestic battery,” the charge means that the perpetrator or attacker can be arrested “even if only the slightest force is used in the incident … any unwanted physical touching will suffice.”

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Short story, you don’t have to injure the victim to be convicted.

The outcome of Jennifer’s case is unknown, as only the victim and the victim’s family are privy to it. Most likely, it was dropped or settled out of court.

Jennifer Ella may have hinted at her alleged aggression in the documentary Becoming Chaz when she admitted: “When things get tough, I start to drink.”

Happily, Jennifer said in May that she’s 14 months sober. She’ll be cheering on Chaz Bono as he competes in week three of Dancing With the Stars tonight.

Chaz says he wants to marry Jennifer Ella within a year.