Michael Jackson Voicemail, Recording at Conrad Murray Trial Show Star's Declining Health

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Testimony and an audio recording heard today at Dr. Conrad Murray's involuntary manslaughter trial today show Michael Jackson's physical state in mid-2009.

Spoiler alert: It was not good.

A forensic expert who analyzed Dr. Murray's iPhone uncovered a voicemail from Jackson's manager referring to "an episode" MJ had five days before he died.

On it, manager Frank DiLeo tells Murray, "I'm sure you're aware [Michael] had an episode last night." And then there was this recording, made by Murray:

The full version of the Michael Jackson recording played during the opening of the trial is chilling and heartbreaking as the delirious star rambles incoherently.

Jackson tells Murray, who recorded this conversation on his phone weeks before the singer's death, that he's dedicating the "This Is It" concerts to his kids.

Jackson claims, "I love them because I didn't have a childhood."

The 50-year-old becomes extremely emotional while speaking about Prince, Paris and Blanket, saying, "I had no childhood. I feel their pain. I feel their hurt."

Michael explains how he wanted to outdo The Beatles and Elvis with his final concerts, and go down in history as the greatest entertainer who ever lived.

It's unclear why Murray recorded this, but according to prosecutors, it documents the singer under the influence of "unknown agents" on May 10, 2009.

It also shows Murray was familiar with Michael in altered states. At one point Murray asks Jackson if he's okay, and Michael responds, eerily, "I am asleep."

It's unclear how much this will hurt Murray with a jury, but - much like the testimony of Murray's many girlfriends yesterday - it certainly can't help.

What's your take? Dr. Conrad Murray:


don't really know what to say about d whole thing, d Dr,knows what went wrong their stories is every where shame to both of them. more especially Murray as his Dr, m,j is dead nothing is gonna bring him back again free dat man we are not God to judge.


come on allsaints45 what a dumbass, he did not kill himself,, theyve already,, established, that if michael were already groggy from the dose the dAM DOC INJECTED INTO HIM,, then it was pyhsically impossible for him to even inject himself,.,. dont you listen, to whats even beinbg said on the trial.. get real! and if sonepne paid me that huge amount of money,,, to be thier doc i would have nade sure, he stayed healthy and if he did have a drug problem then the doc didnt help at all only made it worse,, he is a killer... dumbass


If Dr. Conrad was getting paid $150,000 a month the least he could have done was keep a careful watch over Michael as he slept. For that kind of money I am sure MJ thought he was setting up safeguards in case something went wrong but Dr. Conrad failed him, too busy trying to be the sugar daddy to three young not too bright women. Dr. C was wrong on so many levels.
I used to be one who wondered if the media was right about MJ but now I believe that he was totally innocent and taken advantage of. A guilty person does not lose sleep over being aquitted for a crime he knows he committed, but an innocent person does.


I think he need to be put up under the jail not because it mj because what he did is not done in a medical manner. It's sad that someone with his education would do something so stupid even if he asked him to give to him he was suppose to be the doctor. It's a shame how money can help you end your life . I miss mj love always


Michael's taped voice almost sounds as though it is scripted. It sounds like Michael is reading this sad conversation from a script, versus a conversation with the Doctor. I am not sure what this would prove, but that's what it sounds like to me. That would give more credence to it being a set up recording.




This reminds me of "Sleeping With The Enemy." The very one you expect and are paying to protect you is the one who murders you. Obviously, unbeknowing to Michael he in essence paid Conrad to kill him. Rough stuff!!!!!!


I have seen all the evidence the Prosecutor shows. All I have to say is that Doctor killer Murray is going down.




He probobaly was on some drug that was making him drowsy... Btw he clearly states "I love them(his kids)" so y the hell is this dr saying he killed himself?!! Murray makes me sick. And MJ also wanted to make a childrens hospital... He had FUTURE PLANS. I truely hope the jury takes this into account. It's obvious he didn't want to die. My God Michael was an angel on earth... He had a huge heart. May he rest in eternal peace.

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