Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson Boycotting Conrad Murray Trial

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Prince, Paris, and Blanket Jackson, the children of the late Michael Jackson, have decided to instill a self-imposed boycott of Dr. Conrad Murray's trial.

The physician, accused of involuntary manslaughter, faces a long prison term if convicted. The trial, which began last week, is expected to last weeks.

Sources say that for the kids, especially Prince and Paris, rehashing the details of how Michael died is just too hard, and they're trying to tune it out.

MJ Kids

Katherine Jackson, Michael's mother and the kids' guardian, is said to be relieved that kids aren't more curious and desperate to pay close attention.

After prosecutor David Walgren displayed the body of Michael Jackson in the opening statement of the Dr. Conrad Murray trial, the stakes were high.

Katherine was unhappy and disturbed the shocking pic was displayed, and the 911 call placed after MJ was found unresponsive was also unnerving.

At this point it's unlikely that the kids will be called as witnesses against Murray, as the prosecution feels it has plenty of others to prove its case.

The children certainly do not wish to be involved whatsoever. However, if asked to take the stand, Prince Michael will testify without complaint.

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It's very true! I'm far from being anywhere near a "ruby", but God has done so much for me all these years of being silnge. He still is...hopefully, I'll make a good wife when the day comes!


To Princess: ALL of MJ's kids are attractive, remember they are subject to self perception thru eyes of others during the adolesencentperiod of their lives.
As for Conrad Murray, he was hired solely as MJ's personal physician, not as his pharmacudical "drug pusher" yet he had GALLONS of Propopol on hand, he claimed to be "trained" in its administration, clearly he was not. What was a "cardiologist" doing with a patient who had NO cardiac problems (according to the post mortum)yet he let this man die. No monitoring properly, no proper resessitation equipment, he stated he never revived a patient or was sure how to do CPR. This is NEGLIEGENCE! How did this guy weasel into MJ's life? He didn't care about patient care, only prestiege and MONEY!!!


@"Princess" You are pathetic to get on here and bully a child about his looks. Prince is a handsome young man with a stunning heart and personality which came from his great Father. What's is ugly is your cold, black heart.


blanket is truely micheal bio son he looks just lyk hz dad micheal jackson


Funny that people are commenting Prince is ugly. A good friend of mine (who is an older woman) remarked the other day about how HANDSOME Prince is. I never really thought about it. Either way, it's not what's on the outside that counts, it's what's on the inside. People need to be less superficial and more genuine.


I agree about Prince (the oldest child) he is not so good looking, not cute at all, but that story that he also has vitiligo, where did you get this information? I've never heard such a thing before.


@PRINCESS michael' son prince is not ugly all 3 of his children are beautiful...what did his children do to you for you to make a comment like that? leave his children alone it's bad enough what people like yourself and the media did to michael while he was alive!!! you're out of line!!!


I really feel bad for the kids. Leave the kids along. Does it matter who there real father is he loved them, cared for them and put a roof over ther head. They knew they were safe and secure with him.


Really princess? His dad died and doesn't matter whether it was Michael Jackson or not u come on here to bitch that his son is ugly? Not cool


Prince is very ugly boy especially with that hair cut.

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