Sade Anding, Nicole Alvarez, Michelle Bella & Stacey Ruggles: The Women of Dr. Conrad Murray Testify!

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    I hope he does write a book. And we are the type of society that will go out and buy it no mtater how we feel about what he did. He needs to because he can never make money practicing medicine again so he needs income for when he gets out!


    she,s met mj back in 2008 so she not telling the true


    Micho was surrounded all his life by people attached to financial gains, and who could not tell him the truth with a passion. The truth was lacking as the star was killed slowly by people he held in confidence and admired. Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the unGodly(Ps1:1-3). You shall know the truth and it shall set you free. Forget about Micho now. What are the LIES YOU TELL YOURSELF?


    looks like dr.murray was a player!!but most of all he is a murderer!


    Angel, no drugs other than the ones Murray gave him were found in his body according to his autopsy. This "addict" thing the media is trying to push is absurd. Yes, he had a problem with prescription painkillers in 1993, so "once an addict always an addict". He died of accute propofol intoxication that was given to him intravenously by this doctor.


    I think it does make sense, because he should not have been administering propofol in a home, and on top of that, without the necessary monitoring and resuscitation equipment. It doesn't matter if the patient asked for it, it is his duty as a physician to practice medicine ethically.


    Michael was a drug addict! Plain and simple... He'd been using drugs waaaayyyyy before Conrad Murray came into play. Therefore, I personally feel, his body had been abused for so many years that it just gave out on him. 185 pounds!?!?! Really!!! THe dude sleep in a condom catherter, Really!!!!

    I loved his music and still do, however, Michael Jackson was a human being, with flaws and all... he killed himself.


    Funny that it hasn't been brought up that anorexic and/or dehydrated individuals can have cardiac arrests even when NO DRUGS are imvolved, this happened to my 48 yr. old niece! Maybe the Defence Team will think of this!!

    NjV. (R.N.) !!!


    this man has been dead for over 2 yrs...let him rest...he may be at peace. who knows what really happened, other than god....a court of law to accuse and prosecute him 2 yrs later makes no sense to me. death is ineitable to us all amd michael was no exception, it may have just been his time to go...i feel he should have went to court a lonfg time ago, if there was suspicions that he did it.

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