Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot, Take Five: Me So Pouty!

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Yesterday was not Lindsay Lohan's best day ... aesthetically or legally.

After showing up for court with her makeup applied haphazardly and dressed like a ghost for reasons unknown, she was briefly jailed for violating probation before posting $100,000 bail ... standard operating procedure for LiLo.

Before her release, she joined our celebrity mug shots gallery again:

Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot (New)

Most mugshots don't tell you a whole lot about the person, but if your impression was that Lindsay is a whiny, pouty brat ... this isn't gonna dissuade you.

She'll be back in court for a full hearing Nov. 2, at which point Judge Stephanie Sautner could reinstate her probation, or send her to jail for a long ass time.

Short story: Linds is on probation in her necklace heist case, but is a Class A f*%k-up who cannot even do community service without getting kicked out.

She was handcuffed and thrown in jail yesterday mostly to send a message. If she can't convince the judge Nov. 2 that she has it together, watch out.

Should Lindsay do hard time?

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This one needs to be forced to face the consequences of her actions.


I bet if you folks would stop picking through her life, reporting on all her farts and mis-applied make-up, then we wouldn't have to hear about this crap, and all you couch-surfing-gossip-mongering dbags wouldn't have to feign moral indignation at her actions. What kind of a small-dicked weirdo ashes people anonymously on a blog? Get a life folks -- I have no doubt that you are all hideously obese dbags, perched in front of your computer, sucking on cake. Mind your own business, go out for a walk, put down the prescription pain killers, the diet pills, and the vodka.


Like they say... MONEY TALKS! nuff said.


Ttthe three strikes law does not apply to probation violations. Thats still technically only 1 crime that was committed. Of course, with the number of violations she's committed, her ass should've been in jail a long time ago. She's lucky she's not in nj where there is no bail, and a typical 6 week wait for a hearing date.


Oh john, please stop with the, you're just jealous, you don't like me because I'm unique and that threatens you, schtick. The "troubled" (yeah, they're the troubled ones) masses aren't targeting her bc she's such a rare and etherial butterfly in a den of rats. She is experiencing a small consequence of her actions, whereby she has hurt or negatively affected those around her. There are laws for a reason. If she doesn't agree with adherence to the law, or the consequences of ignoring them, she is free to go somewhere else. Of course, those places don't have oscars or abundant plastic surgeons. Nor are they equipped with all of the means to obtain the fame, wealth, artistic outlets and consequence she has so foolishly taken advantage of, and thrown away.


Why is she getting cut such a huss? Jail the brat already, for a long damn time. It may save her life!!!


Whatever happened to California's "three strike" law? What a joke...there are people in California serving life in prison for a third strike for something as little as getting caught with some weed but because she's a celebrity she can do whatever she pleases?! Wtf ridiculous




Her tired butt needs to be in jail or rehab. She has made a mockery
of the justice system long enough. This judge needs to be yanked
from the bench if she allows this idiot to walk. Lili is playing
the system, big time. When does the nonsense stop. Maybe when she
kiils or harms someone or maybe not then. The justice system is
sending the wrong message, regardless of overcrowding. Put a ankle
bracelet or straight jacket on this biotch and be done with her.
I'm so sick of the Lilo, Anthony's, Murray's of the world that think
they can do whatever they want and have no consequences. Jail time
for everyone.


I pray for her; I always will.I hope she becomes her own best friend and does the things for herself she would want a best friend to do. She is the only one who can pull herself through this. She is the only one who can help herself stand up and deliver the true L.L. that she can be.
May her Angles walk beside her now and forever.