Exotic Animals Massacred in Ohio: Photos Released

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Most, if not all of the exotic animals released this week by a Zanesville, Ohio man before he killed himself have been shot to death in a gruesome massacre.

Bodies of the wild species, some endangered, include tigers, bears and wolves. Their carcasses now lining the side of the road near their former home.

The mass killing was reportedly carried out by Sheriff's deputies who were called in after being alerted that the wild animals were roaming Zanesville.

Zanesville, Ohio

Mayor Howard Zwelling confirmed Thursday that "A lot of them have been shot but I don’t know how many. There have been a lot of animal deaths."

Some of the animals were tranquilized and taken to wildlife centers and the Columbus Zoo, but most were killed after officials were left with no choice.

Terry Thompson, 62, opened the cages and gates of the animals he kept on his property and then died of a self-inflicted gun shot wound, police allege.

A neighbor said that he somehow kept many of these exotic, potentially dangerous animals like pets and had raised some of the cubs since birth.

If you're interested, Radar has photos of the massacre.

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