Lindsay Lohan: Free on Bail, Off to Morgue, Dressed Like Freaking Ghost

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Lindsay Lohan is free woman, at least until her hearing November 2.

The actress posted $100,000 bail after being handcuffed and jailed earlier Wednesday for violating her probation. In three weeks, when she must return to court to really face the music, girl could be looking at more than a year in jail.

Scary thought ... maybe that's why she dressed like a ghost today:

Lindsay Lohan, Ghost

LiLo gets into the Halloween spirit ... for court. Nice look.

The actress' severely-underpaid publicist tells TMZ in a statement:

"Lindsay is hoping this matter will be resolved on November 2 and the Court will reinstate probation and allow her to continue fulfilling community service."

Could be wishful thinking. Either way, who dresses up like a corpse for court??

She'll be getting plenty of exposure to such things, as it turns out, since the actress has been ordered to the L.A. County Morgue for community service.

Linds will clean tables where autopsies are performed - and various body parts and fluids often remain for disposal - per Judge Stephanie Sautner's orders.

She will also be sweeping floors, cleaning toilets, washing windows and picking up trash. Lindsay must do 16 hours at the morgue before November 2.

Lohan is telling friends she gets why Judge Sautner threw the book at her today and intends to put in those hours - plus overtime - at the morgue.

Forgive THG if we'll take a wait-and-see attitude on that claim.

Lohan was essentially jailed today because she didn't follow Sautner's prior instructions, instead getting kicked out of her community service program.

She then had the audacity to complain that working at L.A.'s Downtown Women's Center wasn't fulfilling enough, which really set the judge off.

Sources say Lohan took Sautner's admonitions and the entire experience today as a major warning that she needs to get her act together, ASAP.

She plans on going to the morgue every single day between now and her next hearing on November 2 in order to prove how serious she is.

Actions speak louder than words, and Lohan hopes to show in the next few weeks that her probation should be reinstated with no jail time.

Could be too little too late, because she's f*%ked up so much already. But if she does take a hint, perhaps Sautner will feel her work is done.

What do you think: Jail for LiLo?


Her makeup (blush in particular) looks like she's already been to the morgue. I wonder if she's so strung out she's delusional about her appearance..She looks unhealthy, her complexion is almost that of a dead person, which I think might be her fate sooner than later.


Chelsea, that's what I was thinking. She will definately get a shock. She is an unstable self-harmer. Surely this is a very dangerous idea.


lindsay needs help and support frm the parents u can tell she not ok she is sick nd very bad this is not her she definitely needs help she too young and she also needs to put her part this is ruining her image look at her make up no bright colors too white there something wrong with her poor girl ......


Dude, why even give her the morgue? Throw the brat in REAL JAIL where people who have REAL PROBLEMS (not being just too damn rich, pretty, white and on meth) beat the fuck out of her (and assumably broomstick her a la that Linda Blair TeeVee Movie )and maybe that'll knock some sense into her.


I don't know why people are so worried about what she is doing. the rate she is going she will end up in the morge anyways.


That Lindsay Lohan!!! She's too much....she should be either a demon or a devil for Halloween. She'd be for sexier if she was a vampire.


I think she needs to do community service just not at a morgue.cmon thats just hateful


She is not famous. She is infamous. No one likes her and if they do they are crazy. Come on people! She is dressed as a ghost!


I think this girl is a big MESS starting by how she looks (so old being so young) and her family is no help at all!


I don't know what to think. Isn't forcing someone to work in a morgue kind of "cruel and unusual punishment"? I mean if you're going to deal with dead bodies, organs, what have you, without any prior experience, it could have a psychological trauma, couldn't it? Either way, I think she should be jailed. Just cause she's a celebrity doesn't mean she should get away with it.

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