LeAnn Rimes Swears: I Am NOT Anorexic!

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LeAnn Rimes says she feels bullied by weight critics.

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    She is WAY 2 skinny. I can understand wanting 2 lose weight & feel better about yourself. I'm dieting & eating better myself. I went from 190 to 168. I'm already happy. If I don't lose anymore I will be ok with it but I'm just trying not 2 gain it back. I would NEVER Wanna be a size 0! That's way 2 small. A size 12 or 14 is good 4 me.


    Yesterday, when I voiced an opinion about Leann Rimes, I felt like the final 3 or 4 sentences came out TOTALLY wrong. What I really meant to say was this...(1) if there is 1 thing that I CANNOT stand in this world, it's whiny people and (2) Leann, if you feel like you're not anorexic, that's fine and all. Just stop talking about it. My apologies all-around if I've offended or confused anyone. It's just that...whenever I speak out about something, I tend to get emotionally outspoken and emotionally passionate VERY EASILY!!! Again, my apologies. Until next time...PEACE-OUT, YA'LL!!!!!


    Leann, you need to get over yourself ALREADY!!! You are turning yourself into another OPRAH...in that you're becoming a media-hungry HOG!!! STOP IT!!! Also, you WEREN'T full of whiny-ass behavior when you STOLE Eddie from Brandi!!! Brandi is (among other things) beautiful, classy, gracious, honest and straightforward!!! Leann, you are NONE of these things!!! Whatever happened to the REAL LEANN...the one that USED TO fully concentrate on her music and usually stayed drama-free? I wonder. Leann, I used to be a big fan of yours back in da' day but those days are NOW OVER!!! The Bottom Line here for me is that there are 2 things that I CANNOT stand...dishonest people and lousy liars!!! One FINAL thing: Leann...you ARE NOT anorexic!!! So, STOP saying that you are!!! PERIOD!!!


    Good grief stop lying you media wh@re!! People are sick and tired of the lies. Healthy is NOT with hips bones sticking way out of your body. Get over your ugly self and STFU!!!


    I don't think she looks anorexic. And this is probably a slimming picture of her.


    Yeah, ok! She is so full of it. I used to like her but now I just want her to go away, forever. Leann GO AWAY, you have nothing to offer the entertainment world.


    Why does she keep talking about it?!?! UGH! Im all for being at a healthy weight (I was 50 pounds overweight before I lost it on the myfreedomfit program) but there is a difference between healthy and sickly. She has def crossed the line. I doubt she eats more then 500 calories a day and that is not healthy!!


    Okay LeAnn, then if you say you are not anorexic, then you KNOW you are not. So why are you letting what people say, who you don't even know, bother you? Especially if you are confident that you are healthy and weigh the right amount? I just can't understand why, if she's truly happy with her body, she would care what others say, whine about it to the media etc?? I personally think she LOVES the attention and SHE is the one not letting this issue die.

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