Nancy Grace Lets One Rip on Dancing With the Stars

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Nancy Grace needs to get it together.

One week, she's giving the world a nipple slip it really didn't need to see. The next week? She's farting while awaiting her scores on Dancing With the Stars.

We are talking a serious fart.

Grace full-on let one rip while standing next to her partner Tristan McManus and Brooke Burke, the mics picked up everything. Don't believe us? Watch this:

Hilarious. Perhaps this is Grace's key to surviving on the program.

She's outlasted Elisabetta Canalis and the far-more-talented Kristin Cavallari already, all while slamming Amanda Knox in her free time, so the TV news blowhard must be doing something right as far as connecting with voters.

What bodily function will she shock us with next? Tune in Monday!

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