LeAnn Rimes Likens Weight Loss Criticism to Bullying

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LeAnn Rimes has spent much of this year sparring with her weight critics, be they her own Twitter followers, celebrity gossip sites or even fellow stars.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday, the singer says she feels like a victim of bullies - in this case the media - in the wake of the constant speculation.

"I’ve kind of gotten over it when it comes to myself," she said, criticizing those who mock her because it's insulting to people with real eating disorders.

"These are diseases. Using them as name calling, it’s almost bullying. I feel for people are actually going through these diseases. I’m not one of them."

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Asked by Ellen if she's "not anorexic in any way or bulimic at all," Rimes said, "No, I am not but I do feel like the press … they’ve been very irresponsible."

"Calling a lot of people fat or anorexic or bulimic or whatever it may be, it just seems like bullying now," Rimes said, "instead of really taking these diseases seriously that a lot of people are going through."

"That’s good that you got to clear that up," DeGeneres said.

Her husband, Eddie Cibrian, defended Rimes earlier this week, calling his spouse a workout fiend with a very healthy appetite, and the rumors revolving around her body irritate him as "she eats more than I do sometimes!"

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leann you help loser weight, i like youcd to


Here's a hint LeAnn if you want people to stop making comments about your weight, stop posting pictures of yourself in bikini's & saying how much you eat. If you stop, people will forget about you, but I don't think she wants them to stop.


What's sad is her trying to justify that she doesn't have a disorder when she knows that she does.I think she gives a bad name to most disorders because these people don't want to hear her saying they have a disease and she doesn't so that's why she's getting bullied by the media.Some people have an over active thyroid so they lose alot of weight without doing anything.Poor Leann she can't see herself how she looks horrible her image has been distorted because she cheated with Eddie and he seems to like really thin skeletal women.


Shut up LeAnn.




Geez would everyone just shut up?


If you don't want everyone talking about your weight, quit tweeting pics of your scrawny azz in a bikini everyday... All she wants is attention.


The Bottom Line...Leann is acting like a manipulative airhead who wants the whole world to feel sorry for her!!! Leann...SHUT UP, SUCK IT UP AND (MOST OF ALL) GROW UP!!! PERIOD!!!


Who gives a damn she always been ugly trashy slut breaking up 2 marriages if she wanted a divorce that's done but tear a family apart especially wit two lil children that's a trashy whore to me

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