LeAnn Rimes Cibrian Lays Into Weight Critics on Twitter

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LeAnn Rimes is becoming known as much for fired up Tweets about her weight as she is for her music. Well, maybe not quite, but you see our point.

The wife of Eddie Cibrian furiously took to the social media site to berate a fellow diner who caught the couple eating at a Chicago restaurant Friday.

Here's what she wrote, obviously irate:

Thin LeAnn Rimes

"How dare someone come to me at a table w/ the boys & tell me I need to eat something. What is wrong with people!? AS I'm stuffing my face... just have another drink and maybe take a class in manners! Cheers!"

Like Kate Middleton, people love to obsess over Rimes' size.

Photos of LeAnn have been publicized since April, when a shockingly thin Rimes appeared at the NCAA championship game to sing the National Anthem. Months later, she was criticized over bikini photos of herself on the beach.

Perhaps, in an effort to negate claims of an eating disorder, Rimes followed up with this tweet Saturday: "Pizza and Chinese food for us tonight!"

What do you think? Is LeAnn too thin?


Everyone want to judge and not care who they hurt. Leanne didnt do any thing that a man has not done such as garth brooks johnny cash wylon jennings. Now everyone wants to dog her about her weight soon as the gain a pound everyone calls them fat then if they loose a pound now there too skinny. People need not to judge others but judge their own lifes


This woman needs to come back to reality. Of course people are going to approach her about her weight because (besides her cheating on her husband) that is the only thing that keeps her relevant.


she is looking bad but her heir is nice.


nice drees love it ill be rocking this yes and i love her hair soo much did it her self.


She makes herself look bad by speaking out. She should just not care what people think. I think she likes the attention.

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