Exotic Animals Massacred in Ohio: Photos Released

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Most, if not all of the exotic animals released this week by a Zanesville, Ohio man before he killed himself have been shot to death in a gruesome massacre.

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    very sad. but why do these guys all kill themselves


    I live in Ohio where this happen and they weren't extinct animals, but they were animals that didn't need to die. Although, our lives were in danger because of them being let loose...and these animals were unable to be tranquilized due to the night fall that was 2 hours away and if they got loose in the woods, they would have never been found and could have harmed the town. It is VERY sad what happen and this man shouldn't have let them loose...he also shouldn't have have them either, but he did and they are working on making in illegal to hold these animals now.




    Ann, really? Poking around the area!?!? They werent poking around any freaking area! They were in there own homes having to worry about tigers and animals coming to THEIR homes. The animals were roaming around the city not roaming around in their cages! I'm sure these pictures were taken for evidence for the dept., but they should not have been released, but maybe it wasn't intended to and someone leaked them. But if you honestly think that they had no right to shoot them, your nuts! They didn't have the time to get them in cages. You can't just set a cage and in ten mins catch one. They needed fast action to protect us humans from being attacked. THEY TRIED TO PUT THEM DOWN it didn't work!! The only other way to do it was shoot them, get over it. When it is a choice of the safety of humans or the safety of animals, sorry but they have every right and they are going to choose humans!


    U figure if a state has no exotic animal laws that they would be prepared for something to happen or have trained ppl that know how to take them down without killing them? They didn't have to die. They could have all went to the zoo or at least had a chance of making it in the wild after being relocated.


    That's one way to draw all the attention off a mayor putting city, county in DEPT! No offense very hard stressful job but why in the heck would you and officials allow this? Were nit talking one or two exotic monkeys animals...we are talking more than the average small zoo... For a man ( ex con they say) and his wife to look after. Dont you follow up on people out of prison there? Didn't you realize they had 56 or more exotic animals on their property? Didn't you know it was only a husband and wife on site? Hello?? What is wrong with this picture? This irritates and upsets the He'll out of me and why would they show the pictures of all the innocent animals Dead pulled up on each other? Makes me absolutely sick!!! I'm sorry for the families and kids who live in that town. What ethics and morals do authorities have? I know most are innocent and I'm sorry, but you know who is guilty and I hope this horrible experience stays with you forever.


    I think the people that allowed Terry to have these animals should be shot. Obviously officials and the courts,city knew he had these animals in captivity and how often did they even follow up to make sure they were being taken care of? Regardless..this was not a city, county zoo. This was a red neck country man who may have loved these animals but had no right nor reason to hold in captivity much less rural Ohio town. I do not blame officers for shooting them as they are wild animals doing what is instinct to them, I DO blame them for allowing Terry to have them! It was going to happen sooner or later, that's when I question officials..why would you allow this to begin with and what gives your State, Town or City the right? Now we have 50? Exotic, extinct animals dead? Why? Explain why he had them, not why you killed them. I think most of US is waiting for that answer???


    must add that this all could have been avoided if no one kept
    exotic animals and reptiles as pets!! How do people even get these
    animals??? and why aren't these exotic pet shops closed down!
    Poor animals


    No way am I gonna believe that this had to be done! These animals should have been trapped and given homes in zoos .
    Whoever ordered this massacre of rare and near extinct (in some cases)
    animals made a horrible mistake. If people were stupid enough to put themselves in harmsway by poking around this area, well unfortunately they would have deserved what God would have dished out!! How sad !!


    the discovery channel..ha. People, there IS a video clearly showing them trying to use all methods before shooting them. And they got some down without shooting them. Some didn't, and they had every right to shoot them. Next time, maybe they won't shoot them so that your faced with a gaint lion on your front porch.

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