Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot, Take Five: Me So Pouty!

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Yesterday was not Lindsay Lohan's best day ... aesthetically or legally.

After showing up for court with her makeup applied haphazardly and dressed like a ghost for reasons unknown, she was briefly jailed for violating probation before posting $100,000 bail ... standard operating procedure for LiLo.

Before her release, she joined our celebrity mug shots gallery again:

Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot (New)

Most mugshots don't tell you a whole lot about the person, but if your impression was that Lindsay is a whiny, pouty brat ... this isn't gonna dissuade you.

She'll be back in court for a full hearing Nov. 2, at which point Judge Stephanie Sautner could reinstate her probation, or send her to jail for a long ass time.

Short story: Linds is on probation in her necklace heist case, but is a Class A f*%k-up who cannot even do community service without getting kicked out.

She was handcuffed and thrown in jail yesterday mostly to send a message. If she can't convince the judge Nov. 2 that she has it together, watch out.

Should Lindsay do hard time?

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