Conrad Murray Changes Course, Won't Testify at Trial

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Dr. Conrad Murray will no longer be taking the stand to testify in his own defense in the involuntary manslaughter trial stemming from Michael Jackson's 2009 death.

This marks a reversal of his original plan to testify.

Murray told his lawyers from day one that he wants to testify and tell his side of the story, but his lead attorney, Ed Chernoff, believes it's not worth the risk.

Dr. Conrad Murray, Ed Chernoff

His reasoning is simple: Murray wouldn't be able to withstand a tough cross examination that the DA would subject him to, and would hurt his own cause.

"Clients always want to testify, but in this case, the D.A. would wear him down, and Murray just wouldn't be able to overcome the basic facts," says a source.

To name a few: "not calling 911 right away, failure to tell ER doctors and EMTs that he gave Jackson Propofol, not having the proper monitoring equipment."

The defense's final witness, Dr. Paul White, testified Friday that Michael Jackson killed himself with a lethal injection by mistake with Murray out of the room.

That long shot theory is probably Murray's only hope of a not guilty verdict, but Deputy D.A. David Walgren still has a chance to cross examine him today.

Moreover, after the defense formally rests their case, prosecutors - who have made a very strong case thus far - can call additional rebuttal witnesses.

The trial resumes this morning in Los Angeles.

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The pharmacist who supplying this drug (propofol) must be charged.If it is true that this drug was supposed to be administed in hospital, surely the the pharmacist was supposed to supply this drug to a hospital than individual. I am aging michale jackson lawyers to built up a case against this friend pharmacist of Dr Conrad


i think murrary should go to jail 4 life. he did it


I'm soooo tired of hearing this stupid Dr. White trying to defend Murray when he's already gotten his butt in trouble for mouthing off in the courtroom. Sounds like he's about the same type of doctor as Murray therefore I pity his patients. Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows there's no way MJ could have given himself a does of propofol with all the other drugs Murray admitted to giving him. I totally agree with Araceli E. even over the counter sleep aids tend to make you groggy and a slow response when waking up. Again a heart doctor that doesn't know CPR and doesn't have enough intelligence to call 911 immediately when returning to a room with his patient not breathing.... Even a child would know the 1st thing to do is call for help. Yet all Murray did was call Michael's kids to the room and his bodyguard. Not really the people you need to be calling in a life threatening situation.


If Michael Jackson could drug himself why would he ask AEG to pay Doctor Conrad Murray over $100,000 Dollars a month to serve him.The defense doesnt make any sense.Im waiting for the billion Dollar lawsuit against AEG.