Dr. Conrad Murray to Take the Stand at Trial, Profess Innocence in Death of Michael Jackson

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Dr. Conrad Murray will reportedly take the stand in his own defense in a desperate bid to clear his name at his involuntary manslaughter trial this fall.

He was charged in the 2009 death of his ex-patient, Michael Jackson.

After Murray's defense was dealt a major blow last week - Judge Michael Pastor ruled all references to MJ's personal life were off-limits, and said several other doctors will not be allowed to testify - his legal odds dimmed.

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Murray planned to point the finger at MJ’s dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein, claiming he got the singer hooked on Demerol and other powerful narcotics.

But, just days before the start of the September 8 trial, Pastor ruled that Klein's testimony wasn't relevant, effectively forcing Murray to take the stand.

“Dr. Murray is, naturally, devastated,” his lawyer, Edward Chernoff, told Star in an exclusive interview about not being able to call Dr. Klein as a witness.

“He sees forces aligned against him and does not know why.”

Will testifying on his own behalf make any difference? Can he possibly convince a jury Jackson was a lost cause or killed himself? Time will tell ...


conrad is as guilty as OJ! I have watched the entire trial thus far and the jury would have to be a bunch of morons to believe otherwise. In all honesty, this SHOULD be a murder trial.


I ALSO believe DR. DEATH & his girlfriend were taking those med's too!-WHY didn't they do a drug test on him???--That would have been the first thing they would have done if it were an average JOE! The PO POS didn't find all the drug's that MURRAY ordered, so someone either took them away before the police came or they flat out took them-literally!!! I think MURRAY'S girlfriend is a junky, AND possibly him too! THIS TRIAL IS CASEY ANTHONY ALL OVER AGAIN!--KILL SOMEONE--WALK AWAY A ZILLIONAIRE!!!!


dr conrad has proved dat he and mj were not friends but patners binded by contract agreement which he failed to honor at a critical time.conrad is a murderer.his innocence wil show dat there are higher powers at play here.his guilty will bring credibility to the justice system.


@Rramdas no dr.murray has plenty to worry about he will be found guilty....


Micheal's video can save the Doctor the paper on the wall tells about his death.


I beLIEve michael didnt kill himself...allow a man his day in court, you are condemning a man...it sounds familiar doesnt it?


Murray abandoned his principles and ethics when he administered a hospital grade anesthetic in a home setting, failed to have any resuscitative or monitoring equipment in the area, repeatedly sedated his patient and then, IMO, gave the fatal dose of propofol while his patient slept, left the room to relieve himself and talk to his girlfriends, procrastinated in calling 911 to hide evidence, lied to paramedics and police, and snuck out the back door of the hospital after Michael died to lawyer up. He is a laying sociopath who will NOT tell the truth even under oath so let's hope the jury can see between the lines (lies) and send this deviant murderer where he belongs.


Admit it---you'd love to see (as a prank) all the potential jurors come into the courtroom whistling "Human Nature" or "Billie Jean." Can you imagine the look on ConMan's face?? Like I said, just a prank. Honestly, ConMan will probably appeal (after he's found guilty) on the basis of why the judge ALLOWED a criminal-looking guy like lawyer Flanagan to represent him. Now THAT could bias a jury. Have you seen this dude's photo? What a weasel face. He looks like someone you'd have for a cell mate. Can't wait to see ConMan take the stand.


I ment to say justice and by the way I am not a big Jackson Fan but this is wrong the way people are saying Micheal killed himself if that doctor was so innocent like you claimed why wait to call EMT this was somebody's life no matter who he was you suppose do anything to save it and Murry don't, he call the child to see his father laying there dying not EMT but the child but he don't do nothing wrong.


Evereybody thinks this man was a junkie but the death reports don't support that and anyone who thinks this doctor didn't do nothing is wrong crazy 1. He lied to police 2.Waited to call EMT for almost a hour 3. sitting on the phone with his baby mama are who ever while his patient is dying but some of you thinks that is okay and his family have every right to blame him because he was their with Michael i know some people don't like Michael but this is not right for people to say this doctor is innocent if this was one of our family members that had died in this kind manner we would all want just period but in my heart this doctor may get off because this M.J. and some people in America still hold hate from past but I guess if it was some other {CELEB} off with Murry's head.

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