Dr. Conrad Murray Defense Witness Finally Puts it Out There: Michael Jackson Killed Himself!

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The late Michael Jackson likely helped himself to extra doses of potent drugs while Dr. Conrad Murray's back was turned and accidentally took his own life.

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    How do we know whether or not Murray wasn't getting paid by Michael to 'turn a blind eye' and keep prescribing the drug? I personally think that Michael had become an addict, and Murray was a greedy man.


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    Propofol is a powerful drug which should ONLY be administered by a qualified anaesthesiologist and the patient should be monitored at all times. As far as I am concerned, that is the only question that need be asked and answered to find the doctor guilty of all charges.


    I don't understand what reason he would have to kill Michael Jackson. He is not gaining anything, no fame, if anything bad reputation. He isn't getting any money, he's currently out of the job for a while now therefore I don't think he possibly had a motive. So no outsider can come in and say if he is guilty or not just because a beloved man was involved.


    o stop media idiots mj didnt kill himself so get of the soap box


    To warrant a conviction of involuntary manslaughter here it is not sufficient to satisfy the court that Murray was guilty of various negligent acts. It requires to establish beyond reasonable doubt that each or any of the negligent acts led directly to Jackson's death. That self administration by Jackson may have contributed raises doubt as to direct or proximate cause. I believe this will be
    emphasised in the defese's summing up.


    People need to look at this case from the beginning and that's with
    administering a powerful drug unmonitored in a home, period. The
    defense has not or can not produce one doctor would has or would
    administer these drugs under such conditions. Bottom line is that
    Michael could have been saved had he been properly monitored around
    the clock with the proper medical equipment. Remember this too, the
    good doctor had the time and presence of mind to record MJ in his
    disoriented state of mind, but did not record any of his vitals.
    This leads me to believe that at some point, Dr. Murray was planning
    this tape of MJ to the highest bidder. That's the only plausible
    reason. He is guilty as sin and should be given the same "milk" he
    gave MJ. PEace out!!!!!


    @john. OMG. You say he was your babysitter and used drugs on you and your brother and think that is okay? Your brother is dead because of his mistakes. Murray is a horrible doctor. He did not record even minimal notes regarding MJ status. He didn't use proper care in monitoring MJ condition at any time. The oath he took states "first do no harm".




    I don't know what to believe. Michael might have been so out of it at the time, just got up and administered more drugs to his system.

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