Advocacy Group to Music Fans: Free Justin Bieber!

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Attention, Beliebers: Justin Bieber, and free speech advocates everywhere, need your help.

The 17-year old star is at the center of a campaign - aptly titled Free Justin Bieber - initiated by Fight for the Future, a fair-use advocacy group that's urging citizens to vote against congressional law S.978.

What the heck is congressional law S.978?

Justin Bieber in Jail

It's a rule that would make it illegal for individuals to stream/use copyrighted music in an online video. And where does Bieber come into this debate?

He was discovered by Usher via a homemade YouTube video of himself covering a handful of R&B hits. If this law is passed, such an act might result in a prison stint. Instead of a record deal.

"Tell Congress to get a clue and stop trying to jail people for singing," the organization says in a statement, asking folks to sign its online petition. "Congress has no business making ordinary Internet users criminals for expressing themselves online."

Seriously. Under this law, five-year old Sophia Grace Brownlee would be a criminal.


It's not real ... It's just a photoshopped picture .. Lol !!


he is not BAD AT ALL.. He sings so Amazing and his music is AWESOME and is my hero also is my best friend.. truly my brother! I love him to death and I WILL DO ANYTHING TO FREE JUSTIN.. he means ALOT to me and His Movie “Never Say Never� is the best movie I have EVER seen.. He is Best Person I’ll always know! I’ll always be there everday FOREVER and be right next 2 him.. I will never let you and I hope someday soon he and I will hangout! PLEASE FREE JUSTIN!


just joke????hahahaha!!!!!!


What I'm trying to say it's Obviously photoshoped on purpose. Totally agree with you courtneyj6. I can't understand it either. :/


LOL I know right.... some people don't know what a JOKE is. The picture is just a joke it's for laughs. The pic is just showing that if this stupid law had existed while justin was getting discovered on YouTube that he woulda broken the law, thus going to jail. Where in the article does it say Justin Bieber Is In Jail??? LOL just imagine Breaking News: Justin Bieber Now Officially Behind Bars!!! To the people who are saying this is so obviously fake, photoshoped etc...omg no offense but y'all need to grow a sense of humor.


I dont understand why some of you people (not just on this website) actually believe justin is in jail or going to jail. Its a photoshopped picture people! You know, kinda like these pyhsco justin fans have where justins "kissing" them then tells all their friends its real. like that.


OMG, You all fight and everything hes Justin Bieber, if he cant sing, then how is little girls going to do when he gets put in jail. he didnt do nothing to deserve to go in jail! Do you want little girls to kill there self over Justin? NO I dont thank so!




Seriously? thered be about a billion people in jail if this really happens? now we know how America's money is being used... to pay stupid people like those in congress!


your all idoits, and fucking skets:L
bieber has standerds soz bby

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