Sophia Grace Brownlee Covers Nicki Minaj, "Super Bass"

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Sophia Grace Brownlee, a little girl far too young to be singing Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass," has done so online. And, inappropriateness aside, she nails the thing.

Right down to Minaj's accent, the youngster shows off serious talent and looks pretty darn adorable in a princess outfit, backed up with her even littler sister.

While belting out lyrics like "Somebody please tell them who the eff I is." Nice.

It's hilarious, disturbing and musically impressive, all at the same time. Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, you best step off. This "Super Bass" cover tops all:

This little girl singing Nicki Minaj ...


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Hi I'm eleven and I think Rosie is 1,ooooooo times prettier than Sophia Grace.


Dear Sophia and rose
This is Julia I am 8 years old me my coisons and mom dad grandmother and grandpa all watched you're videos you are as great as us we are called the danceing devas and we perform at weddings and stuff like that we have sung a lot of songs once again we love you're videos from julia


They're little girls having fun. When they become teens Hollywood along with everybody else will focus on her


these two little girls are amazing and on the Ellen show she was not acting like a brat!!!!!!!! she was just excited to meet her favorit singer.


These two little princess are so adorable. Especially Rosie, I do not like kids, but I really do not mind to have a such cute girl.I love them.


i think they have awsome voices and so does Nicki Manaj!!!


They're so freakin' cute!


wowo these beatiful little girls can really sing the little blond one she is so pretty also the ark brown hair little girl they are so adorable andi just want to snach them up and take them away forever


If you actually watch the clip on Ellen she acts like abit of a little brat. No argument that she has talent but she is the child I would move away from in a supermarket queue!!


hi my name is nikkilyn i'm 7 year old i love you guys and i'm A GIRL OK