Soulja Boy "Deeply Sorry" For Anti-Army Rap

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Saying he "let my words get the best of me", Soulja Boy wrote an apology letter today after coming under heavy fire for perceived anti-military lyrics.

While a line like "F**k the Army troops" is open to some interpretation ... it's clear what the message was in his recently-released rap, "Let's Be Real."

In any case, the star just posted a blog entitled titled, "I Am Deeply Sorry To All Members Of The United States Military Services And Their Families."


Several military vets lashed out against Soulja Boy after he released the rap. One former sergeant even released his own rap dissing the celebrity.

He tried to explain where he was coming from, but for the most part, Soulja owned his mistake and came off sincere on GlobalGrind (dot) com.

Soulja Boy comes right out and says that in criticizing the military, "not only did my words come out wrong, I was wrong to even speak them."

Soulja's apology letter appears after the jump ....

As an artist, I let my words get the best of me. Sometimes there are things that we feel, things that we want to express, and when we put them on paper and speak them out loud, they can come out wrong.

When I expressed my frustration with the US Army, not only did my words come out wrong, I was wrong to even speak them. So, I write this to give my sincerest apology to all members of the United States military services, as well as their families that were offended by my most recent lyrics.

As a young man who grew up in the post-9/11 era, I have watched our country fight two wars that seem like they are never going to end.

I have seen thousands and thousands of our brave men and women get killed in battle and often times, I think for what? A lot of people in this country are struggling to make ends meet and I think a lot about what if we had never gone to war.

Where would our economy be? Our schools, our after-school and work programs, our streets? I mean, damn, 48 people got shot in New York City just this past weekend ... in 3 days ... I'm not saying that it is just because of a bad economy, but at a certain point we have to take care of our own people.

In no way would I ever want to offend those who are protecting our freedoms ... a lot of homeboys who I grew up with, a lot of people who come from the neighborhoods we live in ... In no way do I want to hurt any of our honorable soldiers who put their lives at risk, regardless of how they feel about the two wars we fight in.

I am just frustrated that we haven't been able to bring you all home quick enough and my frustration got the best of me. I am deeply sorry.

~Soulja Boy


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To anti have no room to talk disrespectful to anyone who has served or are currently serving with the military unless you are in the military yourself...if your not...what the hell have you done that makes you worthy enough to think you can do that shit..who really cares about the ppl in the middle east..especially afghanistan...have you been here? its a third world country full of people who take shits in their front yards and set ieds up for 5 bucks...pretty worthless if you ask me..and if you think for a second that i dont think im wasting my time over here think again...just put into perspective who has earned the right to complain and who hasnt the next time you decide to share your feminine feelings on the internet..especially when it pertains to some no talent rapper who doesnt know the meaning of hardship and hard work..enjoy life at home..wish i could be there


rick when he shows up at fort campbell there is gonna be a mob waiting on him. He doesnt know how the screaming eagles do it! No matter how much he apologises he is never going to be able to live that down and i hope people dont forget about it when his next "song" comes out.


I personally liked army vets comment made me laugh and is pretty accurate, his apology is as fake as pamala Anderson's boobs, he is a shitty rapper to begin with, this just insures he is never going to get a bigger fan base. P.s I have a lot of black friends and never use the word nigger bc there is a difference is a black guy and a nigger and the word is just disrespectful, but he can disrespect our troops we can do the same to him and call him what he is a dumb nigger.


If Soulja Boy was refering to a pointless war why say F*** the troops? Not like us Army people sit around and say hey lets go to Iraq! The troops get ordered to go there so troops should never be in his mouth! What this is, is him trying to dig himself out of a hole he already burried himself in. When he did this he already messed up his career and I feel it is pointless to tell him off now. He is going to suffer a huge loss of fans. I have never seen a famous person recover from a mess up and this was such a huge mess up as it targeted and offended so many people! This is the mother load! I see no point in calling him names to hurt him when he has just ruined his own life. This will follow him forever no matter what explination he thinks he has for it. This guy is done!! Enjoy it and yes I welcome you to any branch of the Military. Maybe he would have a better understanding afterwords. Saying " Speak only of what you know"! Best way to live!


What he said is wrong, but he made ZERO racist references, the least you ignorant commenters who are spouting derogatory comments can do is actually argue the point at hand. To this loser ghoster - fuck your shit! 60 years ago? What about 300 years ago when there were native Americans living here?!? Fuck you! And to this army vet talking about "take your scrawny black ass to any base n get whooped" AFTER you type "N*GGER" loud as a joke, yeah right, HOW ABOUT YOUR SCRAWNY WHITE ASS SAY THAT AT BASE AROUND BLACK ENLISTED, that's what I thought bitch! Soulja boy is really referencing the HORRIBLE DECISION to go to war. BY THE WAY, SINCE WHEN DIS IRAQIS OR AFGHANIS TAKE AWAY OUR FREEDOMS? Sure they attacked, But you must be idiotic to not consider history and the fact America has been slowly butt-fucking the middle east for our advantage. This war is a waste as are the deaths of military fighting this POINTLESS WAR!


He knows exactly what he was saying. U can't just say something so disrespectful & then apologize & expect everyone to be cool with it. & its not like he was doing the song live & it just slipped out. He had the time to dawn on his words before he let them air. He has NO right to sit there & talk about the military. You're not doing anything heroic. U sit there & make meaningless music. Woopdeedoo. The army deserves every last one of our respect along with every other branch in the military. They are doing the things others are too afraid to.


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Where's he hiding at? When will he be near Fort Campbell? He's only sorry for his negative publicity. Someone's gonna drop this punk.


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