Soulja Boy Trashed For Anti-Army Rap

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A number of military veterans are demanding an apology from Soulja Boy after the rapper ignited a wave of controversy with his song, "Let's Be Real."

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    Gimme 5 mins in a room with this clown. I'm an infantryman and I'd gladly school this shit talking pussy about what it takes to be your own man.


    I have stopped buying his music my whole family is in the Army and for someone to say what is the Army fighting for!!!! Maybe they should let some of those people who dont like America to come over here and when they start to mess America up then he will know what we are fighting for.


    Some of the comments people make are absolutely hilarious. Really some of you can not spell. Really? Make the USA look like its full of iliterates. Nice. And Solja boy or how ever you spell his name. Ok he is an awful rapper. Hasnt had a hit since 2007. He is looking for attention. Bad attention is what he is getting but nonetheless attention. Ok. He hates the militart yet represnts himself with the name Solja, as in soldier. Hypocrite. I think his music is awful. Not even good rap. Should go back to supermaning hoes. And I find it funny how females like his songs. Yeah superman a hoe. AHAHA. humans.


    he has a right to say what ever he wants in the USA as long as he isn't representing a national threat. And as for the racist guy-there are plenty of ethnicities in the Armed Forces. Don't associate your racism with the pain you received. Oo and look each one of you are all upset but where's SOULJA? laid back chilling probably laughing. Not worth it...just sayin


    The soldier is an instrument of the government. That boy does not understand that because he is just immature. I feel sorry for him. He is lost. It was our soldiers who have given us freedom. Free for that boy to say whatever he wants, and free for us to not buy his music. YOu can tell he is spiraling down.


    @ PSTD... Idk wat u mean by ur kind... but the only thing i can think of is black people..! Look here dude, i totally understand how wat SB said pissed u off, it makes me question wat kind of person he is too... but to put is kind, as u say wit him..... UMMMM HELL NO! Im not goin NO DAMN WHERE, I WUS BORN HERE JUST LIKE YO ASS SO I BELONG JUST AS MUCH AS U..... SO THANKS FOR WAT U HAVE DONE FOR UR COUNTRY BUT THEN AGAIN NO-BODY PUT A GUN TO YO DAMN HEAD AN MADE U GO OKAY....! DONT STOOP TO HIS FUCKED UP LEVEL BRO


    I don't always agree with the reason our REAL soldiers are being sent out, and I will always voice my opinion against the person sending them, but I will always support the troops themselves. Always.


    I was in the ARMY for over 6 years... I hope when everything goes bad in this country you find out what its like to not eat for days...not sleep for fear of being killed by an enemy that would be payback enough for me. And I cant agree MORE with Proud Vet's comment. You talk your POS crap. I spent over 2 years in a VA hosp and seen so many of your kind I HATE ALL OF YOU! Get on a boat, raft, tube, whatever and get out of the US dont even go to England or Italy some place nice. Please end up a place where there is no food or water and is ran by a dictator that would have your head cut off for anything he didnt like or had it done just to show the people of the area..Oh yeah that place is called IRAQ. End of story . You dont know what "hardcore" make me laugh....your all the same your all run your mouths your loud just get the fuck out...And take your kind with you.


    I feel like anyone who wants to disrespect the American Soulders who defend our freedom to speak our opinion should be shipped of to a country that will get them shot in the head for voicing such degrading remarks about the military. If you want to run your no talent mouth about the police and military who protect you and your way of life get out of this country and take the woman beater Chris Brown and Jacka$$ Kayne West with you. Oh and by the way get a new background track all your crap sounds the same. Changing just the words doesn't make it a good song.


    I agree this was crazy to say but really? This is how he feels and he has all right to express it. There are a lot of people that don't agree with the military and they protest everyday so saying it in a song is no different. Half of the country probably wouldn't have listened to this kid at all if it wasn't for that line. Stop worrying about what people are saying and what they do.Just because he doesn't feel the way you do doesn't make him wrong it mean he is making his own decisions and that is just one of them. I support the troops but hating others for not doing so is wrong on my part. Here is a line from a song he should really learn. Proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free and I won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me.

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