Irish Farmer to Rihanna: Put Those Things Away!

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Rihanna put on quite a show in a field in Ireland earlier this week.

Turns out the bikini photos we saw were some of the tamer ones. Filming her new music video for "We Found Love," the singer stripped down to just a bandana bra and then eventually went full-on topless in the great outdoors.

Pretty standard, right? Not in everybody's mind.

Rihanna Cleave

Some people might tolerate, even encourage a topless Rihanna to do her thing on their property. But the farmer who owned this particular field did not.

He felt it was "inappropriate" and politely asked the singer to either put it away or start filming her new video elsewhere. Yeesh. Show some respect!

"We Found Love" is the first single from her upcoming album, scheduled for a November 21 release. Take a listen to the hot track after the jump ...


no man will ever respect her the papers called it a 'relationship' will rihanna and ashton, i call it a booty call, having just broken up with demi moore he needed a rebound and them falling out was the perfect way to get an easy escape from her, it doesnt matter how hot you are if you act like a slut you will get treated like one.


Her fifteen minutes are running. As much shock value as she seems compelled to inject into her live performances, she needs it, because vocally she just can't compare with Gaga and Katy Perry,who both also use far more than is needed to stage every single song they perform onstage, or Leona Lewis and Adele, who are both so good they don't need to!


Rihhana surely is a "good girl gone bad". Yes she is a beautiful young woman but the trashy way in which she now protrays herself under the guise that its really not her and just a part she is playing is pure nonsense. What we see is what we perceive her to be, that being, very trashy and classless. I enjoyed her for a moment but now she has gone too far. Making music and being famous is all good but for heavens sake Rihhana, do it with dignity and class. People do love you start to love yourself more.Money is not all.


rihanna i am inlove with you if you wish to love me too,i want you to write to me with my email address,so that we can talk about love becuse i,m single man now,and i need woman to love as a wife thankyou.yours okey casmir


@Nelly yes its true there is a time and place for those things.(i totally did forget to write what I thought about that lol)im sure that the farmer wasnt informed of what would be happening while ther filmed on property so he obliged til he caught those tah-tahs lmao. But yeah it was prolly bad judgement call on behalf of herself and crew. Irish Farmer FTW!


It seems all the female entertainers, from Britney Spears to Christina Agularia all go the same route. They start of wholesome but for whatever reason, guess the old adage: sex sells must apply, though I always thought they all went the same route was because they're trying to shed that good-girl image. As others have said, real talent does not need to sell sex.


SOS, there's a time and place to be the broad day light in a farmer's field is probably not the best place! Rhianna and Brittney Spears need to keep to their stripper poles( just cause i imagine, that's what one who markets themselves as hoes do), in the privace of their own homes!!


Some people are just more comfortable in their skin than others and Riri is that kinda girl. She stated herself she loves to be naked. She has the body now which she knows will not stay like that forever. She said she loves to be naked at home and shes sure the pool and lawn guys have seen their fair share cause she totally forgets she is naked. Shes embracing what she has now and i comend that. Im a thicker girl and not comfortable being in the buff but if i did have a bangin body like that.....shoot id be naked when ever i could lol. But i admit Riri is turning into some kind of like euro-punk-nudist-far-from-what-she-use-to-be-or-came-from. This image will soon fade i hope cuz this rocky horror picture show/mermaid look needs to go. LMAO! LOVE YOU RIRI!!!


she has talent so i dont see why she needs to take her clothes off to get attention. when she started out, she wasnt running around half naked and she still got far. but after all the bs with chris brown, she changed and got kindof skanky. i find it sad.


Ok, I do not know or give a ... about the video, because the song is the biggest sh*t I have heard in a long time...Riri, what the fu*k is with u???I was big fan of yours, but ur songs are sh*t and ur image is pure trash-u look like a cheap whore...sad but true


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