Teen Mom Reunion: Dr. Drew Calls Out Train Wrecks

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After a tumultuous season of Teen Mom, the fab four headed to L.A. for their obligatory MTV reunion special slash therapy session with Dr. Drew Pinsky.

He did not mince words.

Farrah Abraham in particular got an earful from Drew after crying about her cruel fate, missing out on her teenage years because she had a baby, etc.

Farrah and Sophia Photo

I love you so much!!!! Okay, later!

While Farrah ditched Sophia with her parents to go "found herself" in Florida, she used this opportunity to tell everyone she'd changed her mind! Maybe!

Farrah doesn't know if it's in Sophia's best interest to be cared for by her personally or her grandparents in Iowa. She's also, like, so lonely in Florida!

Dr. Drew finally had to shut down the pity party, which has been building all summer and apparently didn't end with last week's Teen Mom season finale.

Telling Farrah to "add it up," the doc said, first off, to stop sniveling: "You have to let go of the fantasies of childhood," he said. "It's time to let go."

In brighter news, college-bound Catelynn Lowell had an onstage epiphany of her own: She should become an adoption counselor! Well, okay then!

Later, Amber Portwood replaced Farrah on the hot seat. Since the Teen Mom reunion was taped weeks before Amber's suicide attempt, much of their discussion about her quote unquote successful therapy didn't exactly move us.

Amber ultimately burst into tears and stormed off the stage. What set her off? Not Gary Shirley, not serious legal problems or custody issues with daughter Leah, but her baby sister's crib death when Amber was very young.

Yeah. That about sums up what kind of night it was.

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