Casey Anthony Parents: Divided Over Her Guilt

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George and Cindy Anthony are split over the innocence (or lack thereof) of their estranged daughter Casey Anthony, according to Dr. Phil McGraw.

"[George] is very critical," the TV psychologist said, while Cindy makes excuses for her daughter at every opportunity and lives in a state of denial.

Neither of Casey's parents have spoken to the 25-year-old since she was stunningly acquitted of murdering toddler Cayley Anthony back in July.

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In an interview airing today and tomorrow, the Anthonys are speaking out on the death of their granddaughter and the public trial that followed.

Casey's defense lawyers claimed Caylee drowned accidentally and George tried to hide the child's body, having molested Casey as a child no less.

Both deny anything of the sort, but at the same time, Dr. Phil said Cindy and George "have a different view [of whether Casey murdered Caylee]."

"They question themselves every minute of every day," McGraw said. "What did we fail to see here? What could we have done differently?"

He adds that "Their position is up until [Casey's] pregnancy, she was showing reasonably normal behavior and then it began to change."

We'll post video of Dr. Phil's interview with the Anthonys when it becomes available. It's still unclear what their angle is in all of this.

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What about the lies that Casey told about poor George. The lies that will leave permanent scars. How is he dealing with that, as well as the fact that it appears that his own flesh and blood killed her daughter. No matter how they answer the questions, or react to comments, these poor souls have been put through hell by their own daughter. They are coping the only way that they know how. We have no idea how we would react to a situation like this unless, GOD forbid, we walked in their shoes.


OK She was a partier, she was self centered, She a selfish actress. but she was found not guility because of not enough evidence, I am in doubt about her, but so could have dad, Something made Casey the way she is, and my thoughts are dad, and mom, dad is strange and wierd, and mom makes excuses for everything and everyone. no wonder Casey is the way she is. Even the brother can not tell the truth. GOD will have justice one day for little Caylee, but he is the only one who can seek justice, so let it go
there is too many kids being killed, kidnapped, sexually molested, starved, abused , and not being in the news. Scream for that...




This is getting old..the mother is the enabler, she has more issues than Casey. The father should have divorced this idiot for a wife a long time ago. Cindi Anthony is a prude and looks like she doesnt fuck her husband but lays a guilt trip on him regularly, so he will not leave. Casey will pay for what she did someday.


So if casey didnt do it then who did? And what there motives? I would love to hear theories.


the parents of casey know the truth. this will destroy their marriage, as how can they live on with this every single day.


Guilty as hell!It sickens me that she got away with murder!Rest in peace Caylee we love you!


Never have I seen more guilt! This slut is a baby killer! So those who say not guilty please stay home when your called in for jury duty......
I wish someone would offer her some money to take a lie detector test. Instead people want to make her rich by BS...
I pray to God he has no mercy on her....


Well seems ppl have no life..this makes me ill. She was proven "NOT GUILTY", not said..not guilty on, all charges except the check stuff. A jury of 12 of our peirs found her not guilty...and noone knows what really happened but Casey n Caylee..and the man up stairs. I do not believe she should of had a baby cuz she was very imature, but her parents should of paid more attention to their child too. Dont yall think that maybe she will get whats coming to her n when the Lord sees her. So maybe yall should get a life n worry bout ur family. I mean we have a country going to crap n noone seems to care. Our kids can't say God bless America without getting in trouble, or even pray in school. Lets get pissed bout that!. What about the word God is offensive, unless u don't believe, so why should us who believe be punished. I am a christian n proud to be an american n I will say it all day long...God bless America!


I understand everyone is upset. I believe she is guilty myself but this is the deal u all work yourself up over what. She got found not guilty, she can go around and say yes I killed my daughter and they can't do anything to her why because it's called double jerpordy. Stop with she is guilty and so upset. We the people of usa. Know she is guilty but are voice doesn't matter. Believe me if I was the jury I would've been one to say she was guilty. But cussing and getting upset about it is stupidy. You stressen for nothing. Sorry for caylee the baby is in a better place and that's ok with me. Even though her life shouldn't have ended the way it did. But she will never suffer again from no one

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