Casey Anthony Trial Kicks Off with Stunning Defense Attorney Claim

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The case of Casey Anthony - a woman accused of killing her her two-year old daughter, Caylee - got underway today. And the defense attorney presented a shocking argument on behalf of his client.

Claiming that Casey lied about her child going missing in 2008, Jose Baez told the jury that Caylee "was never missing. She drowned in the family swimming pool."

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Almost three years go, the young girl's body was found just a half mile from her Orlando house. By that time, Casey, who hadn't reported Caylee's disappearance weeks, had already been arrested.

Why did Casey lie about her daughter's whereabouts, conjuring up a story about a nanny having been the last person to see Caylee alive?

Because Casey, Baez stated, had been sexually abused by her father, George. This allegedly led to her erratic behavior.

"You will hear stories about a family that is incredibly dysfunctional, you will hear about ugly things, secret things, things that people don't speak about," Baez said today in court, speaking the one truth we can all sadly agree on.

George Anthony, who the defense says helped dispose of his granddaughter's corpse, was later called to the stand and denied any history of sexual abuse.

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I knew from the start that she was going to get off because the prosecution handled this completely wrong but there was no way of winning this even if they did everything right. This woman is an excellent liar and she brings everybody into her web of lies but no matter how many lies she tells us humans there is somebody much larger than she will ever be that knows the truth and there is where she will pay.


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I don't want Casey to spend one day in prison. That is too good for her. I want slow and painful death for her like in the end of "Braveheart". Stretch her arms and legs, then open up her stomach and her see her guts fall out while she is still alive.
She will be at home in Hell.


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All of this is so sad because we are speaking about an innocent child that is that has gone to the otherside of the curtain all because someone didn't love her enough to take good care of her and make sure she didn't get into something where she was hurt of mom really did something to her for her to stay quiet so she could party whatever the reason she is gone and that should have never ever happened.




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