Dr. Phil on Cindy Anthony: Excuses, Excuses!

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Dr. Phil believes that Cindy Anthony, mother of Casey, is all about making excuses. As we know, Dr. Phil McGraw does not tolerate excuses. It's YOUR fault!

And in advance of his highly anticipated interview with George and Cindy Anthony, the first part of which airs today, Phil spoke on The View about Cindy.

"She seems to make an excuse at every turn," he said, adding that the grandmother of the slain Caylee Anthony is still "very much in denial."

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The TV shrink also said he doesn't believe that George Anthony molested his daughter or that family dysfunction can explain Casey's behavior.

"I think it will change people's view, whether they liked them before or didn't," he said of his no-holds-barred interview down with the Anthonys.

To their credit, in exchange for their first TV interview, the parents of Casey Anthony asked for a donation to the non-profit Caylee's Fund.

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I have nothing against George and Cindy Anthony except that they should have had Casey analyzed emotionally and mentally a long time ago. I know in my heart and my intelligent mind that Casey killed her beautiful daughter Kaley by cloroform, accidentally or not, that is insane behaviour and needed attention when she was a child. I hope that Kaley will get justice somehow. Casey Anthony is sick, sick, SICK! Thank you for listening. Lorraine Bileschi


George is the only decent one.Cindy is such a liar and a b...I saw and heard her deposition - unbelievably nasty.I believe that Casey's lying ways are inherited from her mother Cindy.We all know that Casey killer her daughter.George was honest, Cindy lied on the stand and now in the Dr. Phil interview


Cyndi, humans came up with the veredict. Think. Your daughter is not free. She is not at the jail but she is not free. She will have to hide for the rest of her life. That is God's justice.


May you live with nightmares everynight of your lives Anthony Family


What a family of Killers you are, You will rot in hell and I hope god is waiting at the pearly gates for the whole family. Just so sickening. May you have night


Wow I could never imagine, killing my own daughter, I have a daughter and she means the world to me, if something happened to her I would die to, Your a very SICK family to let this go, unpunished, but you will be punished, keep holding that bible George, its not going to do you or your family any good, Rot in Hell,ANTHONY's I no you will.


these people aren't fooling anyone that watched everything happen in that court room.and now with the phony caylee's fund.some of you people need to look into it.It has every one of the anthony's names on it.,does anyone realize they pocket 80% of the income? i also believe that the father is the very person whom has been sending these people on vacations with air fair included to the Bahamas,shopping sprees,plush resorts,etc.etc.Mr David Deese that runs and owns Quinco Electric.why would he even be involved? what purpose would he have to do all these things? who is footing all casey's bills? and why? the anthony's attorney Mr lippman said himself that David Deese paid for everything.WHY? CHECK YOUR FACTS BEFORE YOU FEEL SORRY FOR THESE PEOPLE.


The Anthony family is completely disfunctional. George is weak and complicit at best as demonstrated by his gambling, attempted suicide, etc. Cindy is nuts and a living in her own world of illusion. She raised a psycopathic monster while George stood by and watched the train wreck. How he stays married to Cindy is A mystery to me. I hope her pathetic televised excuses for her thieving, lying, murdering daughter does not change any one's mind as to to guilt of Casey. I dislike her parents almost as I despise Casey.


People need to remember one thing: Only Casey KNEW where little Kaylee was. No matter how dysfunctional, these people would never have hurt or covered up the death of their grand-daughter. Anyone who can't see the dynamics at work in this family must be blind. I am glad to see and hear the Anthonys talk in an environment THEY trust. Whether I agree with doctor Phil or not, I wanted to hear candid responses from these people to questions everyone has been dying to ask! I don't think they would have spoken to Barbara Walters, y'know!


This tragedy is the result of a mother who has done nothing but enable her daughter by allowing her to lie, steal and never has held her accountable for her actions. They even enabled her to have a child with no responsibity for it. I think that her husband knows that this is what happened. Dr. Phil needs to call her on this if we are all going to be up front and get it all out in the open Dr Phil needs to discuss the enabling aspect to this tragedy so that his audience can learn from this!

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