Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez Totally Went on a Date, Source Claims

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Business dinner, schmisness dinner. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez totally went on a date last week, an insider claims.

The stars were spotted at New York eatery Per Se a few days ago and, despite claims by the actor's rep that they were simply collaborating on a "project," a source tells Us Weekly the evening was absolutely a lot more than that.

Jennifer Lopez Photograph
Bradley Cooper at GQ Awards

Cooper "has been after her for ages, calling her for a while," this anonymous person says.

The New York Post, meanwhile, reports that Lopez "turned up in a white bandage dress looking ridiculously hot" for the occasion, and that she and the Hangover star were "heavily flirting" as they dined.

J. Lo's ex has been out on the town himself these days. He turned up at the Miami Dolphins game with supposed enemy Will Smith last night.



you go girl.


I read somewhere someone saying Marc is ugly and he doesnt deserve Jenifer. Infact, Marc aint ugly but ugly is how the one sending this comment thinks and how the comment itsel sounds. Marc is a good looking man, serious about life and Jenifer was one of a few luckies women in the world to get access to this guy. JLO is not all that bad, she just is still growing up. When she gets optimal maturity she will realize what loss she has made for herself to let go Marc Anthony. Nevertheless; I still like both Jenifer and Marc and wish they get back together


J-Lo seperated from her poor husband because she doesnt want to be seen as somebodies wife. She just wants to be single again and forget that shes a mother. Marc Athony is a good guy and im sure he will find someone better, cos she clearly cannot appreciate him. Bradley Cooper, i hope he realises that J-LO is not wife material..fame and men is what she wants.


Bradley Cooper was married to a pretty latina girl (puerto Rican or Cuban) for less than 2 months so I think Bradley Cooper and Jlo would make a good-looking white Latina baby girl.


Jlo deserves a baby girl that looks more like her to carrying her Latin Queen throne. Jlo is out to fall in love with a white man to make a white latina baby girl.


I thought that she would last with marc anthony because hes a bit mature but i was wrong.are you trying to fuck everyone in hollywood?Watch it jay lo your getting old,jus because your hot dosent mean that you do whatever you want,you have kids now


No one is surprised...damn JLO, take some time out for you girl!! (Let your VaJJ rest)...Maybe it was cute in the begining(when you were on husband#4) but now you have children...give it a rest.


That would be what now? Divorice number five for J-Lo? I guess it is true. No one is foolded by the rocks that she's got cause even those wont keep her a man


Good for her!! She doesn't have a husband! She's divorced now! .... Idiots.

Amy cook

I agree Gaia!

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