Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper: Dating?

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Bradley Cooper gets around ... at least on celebrity news sites.

Dude's latest non-conquest is Jennifer Lopez! Good for him!

After keeping company with Olivia Wilde in May and then Charlize Theron, The Hangover 2 star hung with another famous dinner companion this weekend.

Jennifer Lopez, Bradley Cooper

The Internet soon lit up with reports of a budding romance between Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez as they were spotted at the New York restaurant Per Se.

But it was strictly business for Brad and J. Lo, who recently ended her marriage to Marc Anthony. A source says they're "in discussions regarding a project."

Boo. Bet it'll be a cool project though.


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also not all white men what to get in and split out it could be any man black white puertirican mexican italian ect. who could use her and j lo probably knows that so stop talking about white lifes hard and love is to famous and rich or not never let em break you j lo


i also meant thing im in a rush


i meant young


look jennifer lopez is a 43 year old beautiful youg women she has beautiful kids i mean she doesn't need a man but i think she's afraid she won't find love i can say that many men and women old or not aren't looking for love i was but every time i tried nothing but sex so i gave up if i met jennifer lopez i would ask her out and give it a try she's one of a kind she's like twice my age but so what money cars cribs material things don't mean a think my uncle lives in orlando florida and has seen her before i hope she focuses on her life not a relationship one love j lo


Okay whatever the case is for her divorcing marc, or him divorcing her it really doesn't matter. What matters is that Jlo is in the public eye, and she just had twins. She has babies ! does it not come to her mind that "HEY I AM GETTING A DIVORCE" why is she dating SO SOON. forget the ethnic background of the person she is dating, that is irrelevant. Being in the public eye, having fans, shouldnt she be considering how it looks ? she has no self respect, even if she wasn't a star, that just looks bad that she always has to float in and out of the lives of men, she can't sit back and dedicate some time to her children, or take a break, AND THEN GO SOUL SEARCHING.


Jennifer Lopez has alot of haters, those of you that hate on her and write ugly things about her is because you will never look like her and you are not as secure about yourself, the way she is about herself. She divorced Marc for a reason, keep in mind marc has a track record of cheating. She does like latinos and black, theres nothing wrong with her liking a white man, get over yourselves. By the way she looks very young!


Jlo go for it u r a nice pretty lady and u deserve the best. K le valga Lo k diga la gente.


Why all the hate comments on Jlo , I mean come on the girl is trying to fine her prince whether it's white , black or latin and let me tell you something on latin men they are very demanding ok . let the girl live , laugh and love all that come her way and stop hating on her. JLO do your thing some people don't want to live happy and hate on those who do.


J-lo what is she up to?? She realy shud try getting back to her husband and kids. You dont marry someone and have two babies and become bored of them. Marc Athony, feel so sorry for da guy.Im sure he wud want to get back wid her if she agreed, but i guess fame is more important to her. Poor Bradley Cooper who is dam cute and attracting the wrong attention. He is also a nice guy, hope he doesnt get taken for a ride by J-LO.


Jennifer Lopez is a man eater! Anytime that there is a handsome movie star, single or not! she is on it like white on rice! Its disgusting and she should be setting a better example for her children!

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