Kate Plus 8: CANCELED By TLC!

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Kate Gosselin's days as a reality star are over.

After years of providing insight into her domestic bliss with Jon Gosselin, then the ugly demise of her relationship with Jon Gosselin, as she raised their eight children all the while, TLC has pulled the plug on her show.

R.I.P. Kate Plus 8.

Shut UP Lady

"TLC has decided not to renew another season of Kate Plus 8," a network rep said. "By the end of this season Kate Plus 8 will have hit the 150 episode mark (including Jon & Kate Plus 8); an exceptional milestone."

"TLC hopes to check in with Kate Gosselin and the family periodically."

Read: Probably never, but that sounds kind of polite at least.

Sad news for Kate, but probably good news for the kids, who have been scarred for life as it is. Many times over. Besides, she'll have more free time now, which should help her efforts to start dating again. There's a silver lining.

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Jon Goslin, what were you thinking when you married Kate? This woman humiliated Jon on national television season after season. Along with her psychotic daughter, Mady, each week was a psycho-fest. I would cringe whenever Mady was in a scene and got to the point Kate made me physically ill I hated her (and still do) so much. Please remove Kate Goslin from TLC and this plant immediately.


I am a big hater of Kate Goslin and boycotted the TLC special Kate Plus 8 10th Birthday of the Sextuplets. The way she treated her husband in the original series Jon and Kate Plus 8; along with the spoiled and very psychotic Mady and her meltdowns made me physically ill. Please DO NOT PUT KATE GOSLIN ON TLC any longer. I don't mind the kids, well Mady is still a crazy bitch like her mother, but get Kate OFF. Please, before someone threatens her with physical harm. Seriously. I'm surprised someone hasn't made attempts on Kate Goslin's life. People hate her THAT much.


I was surprised to see that Kate Goslin got a chance at another shot on TLC. I was an avid fan in the beginning with Jon and Kate Plus 8, but after watching Kate Goslin emasculate her husband Jon I began to feel sorry for the children and Jon, I eventually had to stop watching the show. Poor Jon, along with psychotic Mady eventually made me sick and I began to HATE Kate. I still feel the same way about Kate and refuse to torture myself by watching her arrogant self on TLC. Get her OFF TLC once and for all. She is nothing but a money hungry, child exploiting bitch.


her so called friends on th rv trip were revolting to her.i also feel so called friend jamie didnt gve a hoot re kates bday,she wanted a night day away,dancing,doing wht she wanted.not wht kate wanted.and her babysitter messed up her house and dangerously let them roll down stairs..they r nasty.


Summer : Kate chose her bed now let her lie in it. She drove Jon out with her big mouth.She is over bearing and. control freak and a spoiled brat
Ashley and Jamie do not have to take her abusive mouth. She has major mental issues because she can not seem to stop trying to control everyone.Sad for her.


Kate has some major control issues, but I can tell she really does love her kids and wants the best for them. Her friend and babysitter should have never talked bad about Kate in front of Kate's kids. That was completely uncalled for. They were acting like babies on that RV trip and not really offering to help Kate. They were being paid to help Kate and I sure didn't see them doing much but running their mouths like a lot of people who are Kate haters. Let's see you try to raise 8 kids and keep your house clean and your sanity all at the same time. Most of her haters wouldn't last one day.


Jon is not living on sour grapes! He is much happier now that she is out of his life. He does not need to "replace" any income Kate and the kids made.Oh, you mean all the money she wasted on herself? That is not his obligation. She should have thought this show wouldn't last especially with her bad attitude and big mouth and that's why they are divorced now.I am glad he is rid of that bitch because she made his life hell every single day! Jon wanted the show to end because he thought it best for the kids.


KATEHATERS GET A LIFE....BECAUSE SHE DEFINITELY IS !! Jon is living on 'sour grapes'. Can Jon replace the income Kate & the kids made? DOUBTFUL. I am an RN and an adult child of divorced parents. Divorce is HELL on children. Raising 8 kids on a nurses salary is TOTALLY INADEQUATE!! What I see in Kate is an overcompensation for the level of stress she's under. Now that the show is over, I hope she stays in therapy with her children. She has to find balance in order to be an extraordinary provider for her family. Her goals are going to have to be big & her emotional stability solid. Keep reaching for the stars Kate but keep your feet on the ground. I wish you well!


Kate is disgusting. She thinks she is royalty. When I saw her mouthing off this last episode I wanted to slap her face. Cara and Mady are hateful, foul mouthed spoiled brats who act like 3 year olds. She refers to the younger kids as "preschoolers " when they are nearly
7 1/2 years old!! when will she accept they are growing up? She made what could have been a more enjoyable trip into a nightmare. She is in desperate need of mental help. Cara needs to lose weight. Kate claims they eat mostly organic but is hypocritical. Jon should have custody. The kids would be far better off.


I am no great fan of kate due to how she relates to those around her,however those that i have watched with the rv episodes .. I am appalled that they would disrespect her so openly in front of of her kids .. you lost your bone of contention when u emotionally hurt those kids ... so dont call kate a bitch ur no f-ing better

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