Abercrombie to The Situation: We'll Pay You to Not Shop Here!

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Lots of people pay The Situation big money for endorsements. Abercrombie & Fitch is looking to do the opposite - pay him NOT to wear the brand!

The company says in a news release that having Mike Sorrentino and his Jersey Shore castmates in A&F clothing could be disastrous to its image.

In short, it could cause "significant damage," if not irreparable harm.

Abs of Pain

Abercrombie & Fitch: Not pumped about Sitch.

Abercrombie feels any connections to The Situation will go against the "aspirational nature" of its brand and may be "distressing" to potential customers.

Hilariously, the Ohio-based retailer says it offered a "substantial payment" to Sitch and producers of the MTV show if he will just wear something else.

The company is also making the offer to others in the hard-partying cast, which has been known to rock those threads. MTV declined comment today.

On a related note, Aeropostale should really consider making a similar offer to Gary Shirley of Teen Mom. The guy wears that one shirt EVERY week!

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How sad!Seriosuly?


I strongly agree that Abercrombie&Fitch is a very stupid company but they are not racist. They are VERY PREGIDST(sorry i know i didnt spell that right). My older brother during high school and college worked for A&F. We are mexican. But my brother total prep. He was on the football team, popular, very atheletic and a very handsome guy....all the fawning girls will say so. But the fucked up part...they approched him! Obviously they dont accept anyones application they have the managers of the store scout and say,"wow u look like one of us...wanna work here?" they are fucking scandalous!!!


Haha that is Amazing. I am going to buy some A&F right now. Good for them honestly I stoped wearing Armani X cause he started wearing it. It truly does ruin the brands image!


Although he is a huge douchebag, i will never buy anything from a&f again. Trust me,there are WAY WAY worse people wearing your cloths, on and off tv. Assholes.


Fuk A and f its a free country and they got way bigger douches wearing their clothes than the sitch. Also i think i lost respect wit them when it was shown that they dnt like hiring anyone but white size 0 females. They r racist so nothing can make their image worse than that one lil fact imo.

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