Shera Bechard Introduced by Hugh Hefner as "New Girlfriend"

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Move over, Anna Sophia Burgland. Not too far. Just a little closer to the edge of the bed.

Just a couple days after Hugh Hefner labeled this Playmate as his "best girl," the magazine magnate has Tweeted that he has a "new girlfriend." Say hello to Shera Bechard!

Shera Bechard Photo
A Smirking Hef

Sources first linked Bechard to Hef last week, but this is the first time Hefner has officially given her a title. Let's just hope he doesn't give her anything she needs to see a doctor about!

Bechard is a native of Canada who loves to travel and is "looking forward to having a big house someday," according to her website.  She hates when people mistake her "shyness for snobbery."

How does Crystal Harris feel about her ex's growing stable of women?

"I was replaced the day after I left," she Tweeted. "Expected."

[Photo: Juan Rico/Fame Pictures]

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HEF... I really admire u for givin these pretty girls at a nice chance at life!!! ONCE AGAIN U R THE MAN!!!!!!!OXOXOXOOXO to u all!!!!


I love You HEF!!!!!!!!!!!! Too many HATERS on this Website....Jealousy is a Curse...


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All of these beautiful blondes Hugh Hefner meets are his best girls...she's gonna break up with him soon then Hugh Hefner will meet another gorgeous blonde and then he'll say it again and again she's the best girl....yeah sure Hugh Hefner.


she looks like Holly from back in the day :D


NO WAY Shera is my dream girl!! Hugh ruins it for me this time!


@ Zipporah - I would'nt do him either. Believe me when I say he has'nt been able to get it up in the last 20 years. His reality show was all a sham. His previous three girlfriends never ever had sex with him that is why they had to sneak out of his mansion to get some sex. Why do you think they all received the "golden handshake" when the show ended and they left? It was in their contracts. Kendra actually let this slip in an interview and then all of a sudden she retracted her comments. These bubbleheads are only standing in line because they want the "handshake" as well. His recent engagement was a farce as well. I just think he is a pitiful, weak, old man who is afraid of the dark and also does'nt like sleeping alone.


I'm a 60 yr old woman and I wouldn't do him. I date a man who's 12 yrs my junior and he's gotten too old. If I had to go down on Hef the Geez, I'd barf. I just couldn't. Sure, he likes them young, but he's played out.


Wonder when he's going to shake the clouds from his eyes and realize they're only with him for his $$$.


I'm convinced the old phart doesn't feel like a man unless he has a part-plastic babe on his arm. I feel sorry for him thinking he needs a woman to be a man.

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