Anna Sophia Berglund is your basic Playmate. She was the publication's Playmate of the Month for January 2011 has made appearances on The...

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THG is counting down the 100 Hottest Bikini Bodies of 2012.

Between now and the end of the year, we'll be paying tribute to the hottest of the hot with bikini photos galore. The competition is guaranteed to be sweltering.

Jodie Marsh bikini photos got the party started yesterday. Keeping the countdown rolling at #99: Playboy model / Hef girlfriend Anna Sophia Berglund!

Anna Sophia Berglund Photograph

Anna gained notoriety by posing for Playboy in 2011 - and for becoming Hugh Hefner's "best girl" following his infamous breakup with Crystal Harris.

"With Crystal gone, Anna is my best girl. Anna is really one in a million," he said a year ago. Is he hitting this? Was he ever? We may never know.

What we do know is that Berglund, 26, received a degree in Theater from UCLA in 2008 and enjoys surfing,, tennis, cycling, baseball, and golf.

What a catch! Click to enlarge some vintage Anna Sophia Berglund pictures below, and check back tomorrow to see THG's Hottest Bikini Body #98 ...

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Yes, Anna Sophia Berglund is Hugh Hefner's "best girl." That's what the Playboy owner labeled Miss January 2011 as late last month.

But, no, that doesn't mean Berglund is actually getting it on with someone old enough to be her grandfather, at least not according to a woman who really doesn't want that rumor to be true: Anna's mother.

Hef and Anna Sophia Berglund

"They met at a party a few years back, but they are JUST FRIENDS," Lena Griffin said to TMZ. "It makes me feel so much better to know there is not any hanky-panky going on."

It would make Shera Bechard feel better, too. That blonde has also been linked sexually to Hefner and she'd be aghast if he were actually doing two women simultaneously. It would be so unlike the guy.

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Sorry, reader. But you're no Hugh Hefner.

That 85-year old has charm, millions in the bank account and a silk bath robe that drives the ladies wild. As a result, he can date both Anna Sophia Berglund (referred to this week as his "best gal") AND Shera Bechard (labeled by Hef as his "new girlfriend" yesterday).

You however, cannot. Therefore, you must study photos of both these Playmates here and decide: Which you rather Hef it up with... if you know what we mean!

And the Winner is?

Hugh Hefner can have both, but you can only choose one. Would you rather take Anna Sophia Berglund or Shera Bechard home? View Poll »

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His love life in flux, Hugh Hefner aimed to clear things up yesterday. In response to a fan question, the 85-year old Tweeted:

"With Crystal gone, Anna is my best girl. Anna is really one in a million."

Or at least the one he saw roaming the halls of the Playboy Mansion that morning.

Anna Sophia Berglund Photo

So, who is Anna Sophia Berglund, who reportedly moved in with Hef days after Crystal Harris broke off their engagement?

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When you're 85 years old, you don't have much time to sulk over a broken heart.

In his quest to move on from Crystal Harris, Hugh Hefner has reportedly rolled over and found another serious girlfriend. Her name is Anna Sophia Berglund, she was Playboy's Miss January 2011 and she's already moved in to her boss' bed!

Hef and Anna Sophia Berglund

Dumped by Crystal Harris (right), Hugh Hefner only needed to turn his head to find a replacement.

Insiders tell TMZ the new couple was cuddling and making out during a recent movie at the Playboy Mansion.

Simply put, a source confirms: "It's clear Hef has moved on to Anna."

And it's about time, too! With a plethora of young, vulnerable girls running around half-naked, it's shocking Hefner needed longer than the amount of time it takes Viagra to hits one's system to find a replacement blonde.