Anna Berglund Labeled Hugh Hefner's "Best Girl"

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His love life in flux, Hugh Hefner aimed to clear things up yesterday. In response to a fan question, the 85-year old Tweeted:

"With Crystal gone, Anna is my best girl. Anna is really one in a million."

Or at least the one he saw roaming the halls of the Playboy Mansion that morning.

Anna Sophia Berglund Photo

So, who is Anna Sophia Berglund, who reportedly moved in with Hef days after Crystal Harris broke off their engagement?

  • She was the January 2011 Playmate of the Month.
  • She has appeared on The Girls Next Door and Holly's World.
  • She received a degree in theater from UCLA in 2008.
  • She has made cameos on Hannah Montana and Desperate Housewives.

Perhaps these acting chops (she can sell herself as being truly in love with Hef) are what elevated her over Shera Bechard. Keep trying, number-two!


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She is Just AWFUL and so is Shera. Hef really downgraded.


By the way men love hips and butts! Any women that says otherwise are just jealous


Everyone needs to mind their own business. If she wants to be with someone and gets money for it good for her, have at it. Most men want if for free and cheat and are scum bags at least he puts it out their and doesnt hide nothing.


shame on you anna. why on earth a pretty girl like you sells yourself to an old man just for money and fame?? you're stupid.


Well excuuuuuuse her, for appreciating something besides for youth! Hef is a vital, famous, powerful, progressive entrepeneur, who continues to drive a media empire. He isn't a wheelchair-bound cripple like Anna Nicole's guy. And money? AFAIK, the girlfriends haven't gotten much beyond what they were paid for posing in Playboy.


Hips on this one..


Is fame & money really worth bedding a man older than your great-great-great grandfather? Seriously?!?!


shameless blonde girls. 85 yr old man? all bcz of money? godforbid it.