Sophie Cranston: Kate Middleton Wedding Dress Designer?

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One of many burning Royal Wedding questions ever since Kate Middleton and Prince William got engaged has been who will design the bride's dress.

Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood have been rumored, but their modern aesthetics may not be appropriate for the regal, April 29 affair.

Now, several news outlets are reporting that Kate Middleton has settled upon Sophie Cranston, a 34-year-old who previously worked for McQueen.

Royally Famous

Sophie worked with the late fashion icon before branching out with her own Libélula studio. You can see some of Cranston's wedding dress designs here.

Interest in her work has been so great in the 24 hours since this rumor surfaced that the Libélula website crashed, according to the label's press contact.

Visitors are now greeted with a message that reads: Due to our recent press coverage the site has received overwhelming traffic, causing technical issues.

True or not, the bride should look stunning 10 days from now. Whether or not she and Wills enter with this Royal Wedding Dance, however, is uncertain.


I can't wait to see the wedding and the beautiful bride
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