Charlie Sheen Bid For Custody: Rejected!

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Charlie Sheen was shot down this afternoon in his legal bid to gain custody of sons Bob and Max away from strung-out ex-wife Brooke Mueller.

A judge ordered their custody pact to remain as is.

Everything will stay the same, despite Brooke's recent issues, so the custody agreement Charlie and Brooke recently agreed on won't change.

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Mueller, B

Brooke Mueller is believed to have fallen off the wagon in a big way last week, turning up at a pawn shop and then going MIA for several days.

Because the media was thrown out of the courtroom, it's unclear why the judge was not inclined to strip Brooke of custody based on her antics.

Amazingly, Brooke and Charlie both showed up in person.

The judge wanted the media gone from the room due to sensitive "questions of abuse" in the case, but it's not clear who accused who of what.

For now, in any case, it's status quo for Brooke and Charlie. Status crazy may be more appropriate. Hopefully Bob and Max are safe ...


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