Report: Lindsay Lohan Still Mulling Guilty Plea

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Lindsay Lohan's lawyer is steadfast that her client will win in court. Or so she says. A recent report suggests her confidence level may be more tepid.

Shawn Chapman Holley has asked the judge in her grand theft case how much time Lindsay Lohan will get by agreeing to a guilty or no contest plea.

The eventual sentence was discussed last week in a secret meeting between Holley, Judge Stephanie Sautner and Deputy D.A. Danette Meyers.

Not at All Trashy

Lohan's preliminary hearing is scheduled to begin Friday.

A source close to the case tells us the judge told both attorneys how much time she would serve, although word of any precise sentence hasn't leaked.

At worst, Lohan faces three years in a state slammer. She nixed a plea deal that would have gotten her just three months, but with probation as well.

We all know how Lindsay does with probation.

Meyers will be calling the owner of the jewelry store where Lohan is accused of stealing a $2,500 necklace and the employee who assisted Lohan then.

Holley will likely question the motives of the store, as well as call into question the true value of the piece, which some say is sufficiently lower.

The preliminary hearing is scheduled to last 1-2 days if Lohan doesn't cop a plea. The judge will determine if there is sufficient evidence for trial.

That seems like a foregone conclusion at this point. Whether Lindsay actually rolls the dice at trial is more of an open-ended, uncertain matter.



She looks as old as dirt i dont feel sorry for her she made. Her bed. Think what she did to the mother and daughter she was trying to run off the road. And how long did it take her to have an accident when she first got her license and how she used to make all those people trying to film her movies wait for her to cure her hang overs the bitch has proven to be a top notch looser she's lucky no ones died on her account yet!! Stay away from canada sounds like a leech that could get you in more crap then you alreadyin better yet lidsey go ahead and go there so the u.s will be a better place


my spelling wasnt too wonderful on the last post
but I too am awaiting court things that were taken out of context
i follow a cool motto in life
never judge anyone until you know them
i know many celebs through how my life has gone
and they have the very sme issues as us, even worse and yet we love them to entertain us dont we??
we need to focus on the cures not poking away at people
and many celebs have been blessed with talent to be powerful forces of change
so KUDOS lindsey hang in
you will come out brighter thru this
f gossip
love from canada
lets hang in vegas summer 2011 aT laX HA BE FUN


hang in Lindsey
you know what babe. i am he same crap in a canadaian court, for this and that and i swear you need a voice hun
you and i know some same friends etc, i dated motley crue producer look, i have an idea for your comeback and karmically help kids of dysfunctional dads
cuz no it isnt your fault and you will get thru this crap
come visit me on saltspring island canada to get away babe
celebs love it here
and its hard when life deals crap,, you are a great actress and gorgeous 2
you are talented and let this one come out shining
you need to do a bio movie with a lesson in there hun
for whoever needs to learn it,, families can ruin you
and i d love to be a part of it
ive done a lot of media sales/ am pt actress and nurse too
done lots
and im funny as shit and cool


If she really was innocent and her lawyer thought that could be proven in trial, why is she bringing up the value of the necklace only now? Should that not have been something they brought up when she was offered a felony plea deal based on the value of the necklace instead of a much lesser charge that would have had much less, if any, jail time? Lindsay needs to get her shit together fast. She has thumbed her nose at the law and at her probation so many times that no one believes a word she says anymore. Though she seems to blame everyone and everything but herself for all her woes she has caused all her own problems. Until she sees that this kind of crap will continue.


meth face


Wow, does she look old(for her age).


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