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The divorce rumors turned out to be true.

Six months after Teen Mom 2 stars Leah Messer and Corey Simms got married, the 18-year-old Leah has filed for divorce, according to Us Weekly.

Though the MTV stars got married to recently, fans of the show shouldn’t be too surprised to see Leah, who filed papers last week, split with Corey.

“Everything Corey and I have done has happened so fast,” Leah Messer said.

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After all, the pair dated for one month, found out they were expecting, split up just after the 2009 birth of their twin daughters, then reunited six months later.

From there, it took just weeks for them to move into together and for 20-year-old Simms, a certified water-distribution operator, to propose to Leah Messer.

“I didn’t want to jump into something else and be like, ‘Oh, s**t! What did we do?'” Messer said, reflecting upon the crazy ride she and Corey have been on.

“Three years ago, before I was pregnant, I never thought I’d be married now. I was scared. A lot of people who marry young end up divorcing within a year.”

After all, Messer had seen it happen within her own family.

“My mom and dad married, divorced, remarried and divorced again,” she said. “I don’t want my girls [Aliannah and Aleeah, 16 months] to go through that.”

“My mom talked to me because she wed at 16 and didn’t want me to go through a divorce like she did.” Is there any chance the girls won’t go through it?

Despite the divorce proceedings, friends of the couple hope to see the newlyweds reconcile: “Their friends are hoping they find a way to make it work.”

However, a source adds: “They are not in a good place right now.”

Another sad, cautionary tale from the land of Teen Mom 2.

[Photo: Us Weekly]