Pia Toscano and Mark Ballas: New Couple Alert!

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In fun celebrity couple news bringing the worlds of American Idol and Dancing With the Stars together, Pia Toscano and Mark Ballas are dating.

Pia and Mark became acquainted while shooting their respective shows and went on their first date Friday. According to reports, it was a 10!

Maybe an awesome date isn't enough to soften the blow of her stunning elimination from American Idol this week, but it can't hurt, right?

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Pia was the instigator of the romance with Mark Ballas, sources say, but there was a surprise matchmaker involved who played a role in setting them up:

WWE great and current DWTS contestant Chris Jericho!

Pia and Mark both shoot American Idol and Dancing With the Stars on the same CBS Television City lot in L.A., and it turns out Pia is pretty resourceful.

She has a friend who is friends with Jericho, so Pia gave her friend a piece of paper with her number on it, who then passed it to Chris to give to Mark.

Sounds so high school, but apparently it worked out. Peeps connected with both Mark Ballas and Pia Toscano say they really hit it off. Way to go guys!

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Shut the fuck up all you haters...grow the hell up..yall are so damn jealous and its fucken ridiculous..are you guys that lame or Maby yall are just nerds who need a life...pia is gonna grow into a star.


Shut the fuck up all you haters...grow the hell up..yall are so damn jealous and its fucken ridiculous..are you guys that lame or Maby yall are just nerds who need a life.


I've seen Pia lots of times, and she seems to be boring, but we have to accept she's really beautiful, way to go Mark...


Oh No SHit!


What a lucky guy. Pia is just so beautiful, and with a voice like an angel. Pia doesn't have to jump around the stage, her voice does it all. Can't wait for her new album, she has a huge future. No more AI for me.


Mark didn't have to contact Pia but no guy in their right mind would turn Pia down! She has an awesome voice and she's beautiful.


Sounds to me like Pia is starting her career off on a bad note. She is caught sucking serious face with Mark and then says their "just friends". In my opinion, Mark can do WAY better, with no personality and no truth to her so far, she will only hold him back.


Mark looked like he was out on a date with his aunt. She kinda looks old beside him. She has manly feat ures.




I thought Mark liked girls with fierce personality since he dated beautiful ladies like Sabrina Bryan,Julianne Hough, Jennie Mason, and maybe even Chelsie Hightower at one point. Pia has no personality and is quiet boring.Not a good match if these two keep going out together they look like boring and dull couple. If she was going after him it's prob more for pr in both of there parts. So sad!