Pia Toscano: The Most Shocking American Idol Elimination Ever?

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The stunning elimination of Pia Toscano on American Idol Thursday night will no doubt go down as one of the show's most controversial in 10 seasons.

Despite her lackluster stage presence, her talent outclassed much of the field, with many predicting she would make it all the way to the May 25 finale.

No one understood why Pia was in the bottom three to begin with. As the results were revealed, the judges and her fellow hopefuls were dumbstruck.

When the show ended, no one in the studio audience moved.

Pia Toscano Sings on American Idol

In past eliminations, it's been an easy transition off the stage, but this was no ordinary elimination. Crushed, Pia buried her head in Jacob Lusk's chest.

Haley Reinhardt wiped away tears and prompted the crowd to cheer for Pia. Stefano Langone looked destroyed and guilty that he kept a spot over Pia.

Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler surrounded her to show their support, as if she'd just lost a loved one. It was that kind of shocker.

But the votes don't lie, and this wasn't the first such shocker on Idol. Still, it's gotta be top five, right? Here are four that ranked up there with it:

  • Chris Daughtry. The presumptive winner of season five was ousted before Taylor Hicks (winner), Katharine McPhee AND Elliott Yamin. Wow.
  • Melinda Dolittle. The veteran backup singer was on a collision course for a finale with Jordin Sparks (winner), but Blake Lewis beat her out.
  • Michael Johns and Carly Smithson. They finished eighth and sixth in Season 7 (David Cook and David Archuleta finished 1-2) Far too low.
  • Jennifer Hudson. The future Oscar winner finished 7th in Season 3. Fantasia (winner) has had a nice career, but finalists 2-? Unknowns.

What do you think? Was Pia Toscano the most shocking elimination of all?

Something to ponder as you watch her swan song last night, "I'll Stand By You." Some of the first words: "Why you look so sad ..."

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i think steven tyler had a crush on pia t but i hate as hell that she left because i cried for her to stay and she didn't stay i love her so very muuuuuuuuuchh she is so sweet and i love her music now that is not a lie.


I agree, Pia is the most schocking American Idol elimination, EVER..Jacob/Stefano should have went home instead :'(


ur still my idol.........


I was really mad since Thia was eliminated, but now, Pia is too. So there's NO reasons for me to continue watching Idol. It's no longer fair as it used to be...


Because Pia is out of the show I give up too. No more Idol this season for me. She is the best.


I really like Pia... she is beautiful & has a great voice... I thought for sure she would take it... I think they should only allow one vote per IP address... I'm sure we'll see someone pick her up... she rocks:)


The judges are not helping the contestants. The unanimous criticism of the judges was that they were confusing and not helpful, citing that every contestant was “beautiful,� “amazing,� You are beautiful, bla, bla We need a Simon judge. Also the judges wasted their one “save� on Casey, instead of reserving the save for later in the eliminations, which would have prevented a travesty like what happened to Pia. Be a judge and be honest you ae not there to be their friend but to tell them the way it is good or bad. That will help when we vote


Pia was amazing. I definitely wanted her to be in the final 4. I love Jacob and Lauren. Stefano got to leave. He should be ashamed.


The first think the producers of American Idol should do is to change the voting structure. One vote per person or telephone line would prevent the teens from voting 50 times for some jerk who can't sing. The post by a Mom stated that she voted for Pia one time, while her daughter voted 50 times for one of the less talented male contestants. Also, I think that voting for the three lowest members, and letting the judges pick who is eliminated would be a geat idea. I am through with American Idol for this year as the American Idol was voted off already. I will only watch it next year if they change the voting structure. Pia being voted off was a disgrace.


No I disagree... I wouldn't want Jacob Lusk, to loose any votes {The only real Singer Left} to any of these "I want them to win because." Singers they have in the competition now. All of the singer can sing but as black people say, "They can't SANG!" jacob Lusk can OMG Sang! ... and never should be in the bottom Three. The Record "You all I Need." Number one on I-tunes, so many hits on Youtube they had to take it off. As Steven said... "Baby Luther." His records would sale now, other then that... They're going to end up with another ~ Taylor Hicks~ talk about a WTF moment that was.

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