Donald Trump to George Stephanopoulos: You're Co-Opted By Obama Minions!

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Things got awfully heated on Good Morning America yesterday as Donald Trump discussed his potential presidential run with ABC's George Stephanopoulos.

In short, George took him to task and the Donald didn't appreciate it.

Stephanopoulos mentioned that some Republican heavyweights call him a “flawed messenger for the party” and “a joke candidate.” Why do they think this?

By continuing to question President Obama’s birth certificate and citizenship. Trump replied by ... going off about Obama's citizenship. You gotta see this:

As the two men argued back and forth on the topic, an increasingly agitated Trump accused George of being “co-opted” by the President and his “minions.”

He stressed that the "birther" issue is “not a big focus of my campaign.” Kind of hard to believe, since he brought it up again, and again later in the interview.

Stephanopoulos asked if he would release tax returns. “Maybe I’ll do the tax returns when Obama does his birth certificate,” the real estate mogul replied.

Triple poll time after the jump, readers:

Is Obama a natural-born citizen?

Is Trump racist?

Should Trump run for President?


Trump is a tool. He inherited most of his money, and has filed for bankruptcy multiple times in the past when he got in over his head. He hasn't earned an honest dollar in his life. Trump speaks as if he is a Capitalist but his actions paint quite a different picture. We need a strong leader who is accountable for his actions, and has built his wealth and success from the ground up.


this is stupid that obama's birth certificate is such a big deal to trump.. personally, i think that's a little intrusive to obama's personal life. if he wasnt a citizen, im sure congress wouldnt let that slide. this is just sad that we cant even support each other as a country


Facebook google and the media are all in bed with obama and will try to make us forget the last two years....well fool me once shame on you......


There is Nothing like accusing one party of something to keep their mind off your shortcomings. The Trumpser Needs to go back to work on Celebrity Apprentice and fire someone,he is becoming obsessed
with Obama and it is not a pretty sight. Every time that he and his flair for hair appear on TV,his credibility as a New and Improved Politician becomes the "blooper" of the day!!

Jennifer miller

I think Donald is grasping at straws. If Obama's birth certificate is all Trump has to go, then he needs to reconsider running.


Once again Donald is embarassing himself. His public feuds only make him less attractive as a possible political candidate and more importantly as a rational human being. I am disgusted with his behaviour and conduct with
George from gma. He was errogant, rude and just a big bully! Do you want a bully to run your country? With vengence as his top priority. Get over it Donald ! There is more to being a success then money! Maybe you could use your money to buy a personality. And your minions are a gang of bullies... I'll take obama's intellectional minions over yours anyday!!! Remember he was voted in to his status you bought your way!!!! Get a grip, stick with bullying celebrities on tv it's much more entertaining!


did it ever occur to anyone that a 'certificate of live birth' IS a birth certificate!?!?!?! seriously idiots look it up. if you believe he is a fake then how the fuck could he have gotten elected in the 1st place!?!? trump is a moronic racist who is only saying these things to gain the support of obama haters. i dont like obama either but seriously people...


Im sick of Obama, did not trusted him from the begining. Lets give Donald Trump a chance.

Patricia rathbun

Does anyone that said we need strong fiscal leadership realize that this guy Trump can not even deal with his own finances he has been declared bankruptcy 3 times and just filed again in 2009, what makes you think he can handle the national budget, well except for giving the rich more money including himself. Trump for PRESIDENT ROFLMFAO.


I, for one, am happy that Donald Trump is pressing on with this issue. Why would Obama spend over two million dollars to conceal his records, including all his college records & why his wife, Michelle, is no longer allowed to practice law?These are real questions that Obama has refused to answer but once again, the race card gets thrown around. Ironically, it really was the white vote, along with other races that elected this man to office. So can we all, just stop throwing this race card around, including THG for even asking that as a question. Enough is enough.

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